Certain meshes won't upload (Error Codes: 503 & 500)


For some reason, since the Lil Nas event, meshes are occasionally ‘unable to be imported’.
All it gives me are errors in the output. At first, since the event until today’s morning (EU format: 15-11-2020), it was error code 503:

Since today it became error code 500:
Upload Mesh Part failed. Status Code: 500
Upload Render Mesh failed. Status Code: 500


Despite the fact the event is over, it still seems to happen.

Known Info & TL;DR

  • While uploading meshes, it sometimes shows the ‘unable to import’ error on certain meshes and throws an error with code 503 or 500;
  • It happens in Studio;
  • Started happening since the Lil Nas event;

you are not alone with this problem


I’m having the same issue - it’s a hit or a miss when uploading for me, but, ultimately inconvenient. It’s really hindering progress at the moment.


Yep, I’m experiencing the same problems, its taking me a few tries at uploading a mesh file.

I had this exact problem yesterday! It gave me error code, 502, 503, and 500.
It works fine for me now, but yesterday it was terrible.

I have a similar problem, however for me it’s unions. My unions will not load, and I can’t make any unions.

I get this error:
10:29:30.794 - Something went wrong. CSG returned error code -25. Please file a bug report, preferably with a file containing the problematic object(s)

There have been a few times in which parts would union, but my union parts that I made last night will not render.

It all started with this concert!

Same problem here. I also upload meshes with a lot of splits so effectively I can’t upload that mesh at all because at least a handful of those won’t upload.

Also I noticed that yesterday way less meshes failed to upload. I tried uploading the same mesh just now and it failed to upload like more than half of the meshes.

roblox pls ):

Same here. It is really messing with my development progress time. This started happening after the Lil Nas X event for me.

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Also having this issue, throwing several errors at me & resulting in my cursor being stuck on a loading icon

the errors in the output: image
(also having the HTTP 503 error popping up on my screen)

Started happening around the Lil Nas X concert time


Heads up we are looking into this. Thank you all for the reports.


We made changes to resolve this issue. Please let us know if you still see problems.


A big thank you @n_warrior1729 & @JoshSedai!

It seems that the issue is resolved for me now.
In case others are encountering the same issue still, please feel free to reply to this topic. :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 5.40.27 AM

I encountered this issue on December 16th, 2020. I hope this will get resolved soon.

This issue has been fixed 10 minutes after posting this comment.

Interesting, there was an off-topic post in #forum-feedback:forum-bugs that was stating they are having this issue.

This is also effecting me for no apparent reason. I think it was unpatched or broken again?

I am having this issue now as well, saying Upload Texture Failed: Error Code 500 in output

I am trying to upload an FBX mesh with a texture on it, I did the exact same thing with another mesh, and with that meshes texture and it imported fine

The mesh itself is importing fine but when importing the FBX which has the texture, it does not import.

Hey everyone!
Sorry for reviving; but I’m encountering the issue again. :sweat_smile:

Anyone else having the same issue?

Sorry for the bump after so long.

The bug still happens



Apologies for ressurecting a old thread but this issue is back as well.
I did not realize that Mutrix already has mentioned this but I will leave my comment as a double assurance that this bug is like this thread, back with a vengeance

I too am having this issue currently. Might as well populate this thread with my comment as well.

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Same, I cant upload literally anything. Not even a cube, just get code 500 every time

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