Bypass roblox to discord block

Hello, I know that discord has blocked API requests from ROBLOX, how would I get around this? I used to use hyra proxy but that doesn’t work anymore, so what other ways could I get around this?

Help would be highly appreciated.

The proper way to do it in todays world is to use roblox Webhooks as they allow for external communication. You need to follow the rate limits that apply, and follow both Discord and Roblox’s TOS and any rules when handling these applications. There is also a docs for it, I haven’t used webhooks myself too much, but I gave you some links that can hopefully explain it


Oooooh I didn’t know that existed :eyes:

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Never knew this existed, thanks I’ll try it out now.

It’s fairly new and awesome. You can also handle Right to Erasure requests from the roblox app, (Right to be forgotten in all datastores) and make an automatic system to remove them from the datastore, without you needing to do it! Which is extremely helpful for huge games that can get tons of these requests, which in turn can remove them from datastores fully automatic. Its not only used for that, but is also meant for external communication with 3rd party’s like discord and how they should be handled. If you mishandle them, then roblox will take your webhook down which is how this way isn’t blocked and prevents abuse

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