Introducing Webhooks for External Notifications

Hi Creators,

We are excited to announce that Webhooks are finally here! This release allows you to direct notifications about your creations to third-party platforms like Discord, Guilded, and Slack! Now you and your team can stay informed in the communication channels you use most.

On top of this, you are able to test and receive Webhook payloads to your own servers i.e. we provide the raw information - you use it in whatever way fits your workflow.

A major benefit of webhooks is GDPR Requests. Webhooks enable Creators to receive GDPR payloads to a server configured to assist you to remove User Data from their Experiences. We’ll be adding more notification types to Webhooks beyond GDPR requests soon, so stay tuned for more updates!

For information on how to configure your Webhooks, please visit our documentation page.

What’s next?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Later this year notifications will be coming to a revamped Studio Tray as well as availability on Creator Hub. The notification ecosystem is a bit sparse right now, but rest assured more notifications are on the way! Let us know what information you want to see as a notification so we can prioritize delivering you maximum impact.

To help us best prioritize what would be the most helpful to you, please leave your feedback and suggestions down below.

Thank you!


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Honestly, this was poorly explained. I don’t know what this update is. Could somebody clarify what this update does, and who it helps?


So essentially?

  • Host your own website
  • Fire the webhook content to that
  • Then fire that content back to roblox
  • Which will then fire said content to discord / guilded?

Seems kind of pointless?


Send events to webhooks/applications, example below.


You can directly fire to discord.
But for GDRP, you still need to call the API sadly.


Awesome, now I can get spammed with right to erasure requests on other platforms in addition to my roblox messages :partying_face:


I don’t understand, what is wrong with the one everybody is using?


For processing GDPR requests, you’d receive a payload from Roblox to your server when a GDPR is filed.

Your server can be configured to remove User Data from data stores without you having to do it manually.

For Discord / Slack / Guilded, the notification goes directly from Roblox to whichever channel you’ve linked the webhook to.


So would this make i.e. Discord → Roblox communication easier or just another way for Roblox → Discord communication?


A server that needs to be hosted by the developer?


For those not aware, this can be used to fully automate GDPR requests. You’d have to setup a webhook aswell as an API key with datastore access permissions.
That way your web server is able to receive incoming webhook requests and automatically delete the user data from the datastores.


Unfortunately Creators need to handle User data pertaining to their Experiences


FINALLY! Can fully automate GDPR requests (without giving software my ROBLOSECURITY token to scrape my inbox). :partying_face: Been waiting on this for a while.

(Note: It is software I wrote; I’m not in the business of giving third-parties that token lol)


Will it be possible to handle that using code on a roblox server? Instead of having to host it on an own server?


You are correct, the developer will need to host the server. You can read the documentation linked above for more info :slight_smile:


Nice. I think this can Allow Roblox → Discord Communcation or Roblox → Guilded Communcation now would it be possible for Roblox to host their own proxy and let us fully use some resources of theirs that would be really nice instead of not using them.

As this can become essential.

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This is not really the intended use-case, a webhook is a “fire and forget” system.
They just call your endpoint once and do not proceed to tell you anything else, so it’s the incoming server their responsibility to immediately handle the request.

Roblox game servers (despite not being able to receive webhooks) cannot really fullfill this role since there isn’t 1 authorative server, or there can even be none at all, which would mean no one is available to pick up the GDPR request.

That is why you need a separate web server to pick up these requests and process them.

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I really like this feature, but this makes the barrier of entry, quite high. People need to set up a server that can receive requests and call the API.
Is there a plan to add like a WebhooksService?
An example of this could be:

local WebhooksService = game:GetService("WebhookService")

Like I explained above, a game server cannot fullfill this role, only 1 service at a time can pick this up, else you’d get duplicate (or none) servers all doing the same thing.

If universe level scripts ever still become a thing, that’s a more likely place where code like that could appear.

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