Cacexo - Graphics Designer / Speedy Delivery / High Quality Designs (REVAMPED)

Hello, I’m cacexo.
And what I do, is a key factor for the success of every game.
Why? Because graphics are essential for a successful launch, and continuation for any game on the platform.

Consider players as every regular day to day consumer.
When a consumer buys a new product, he doesn’t just buy it for its functions, but also the idea given by that product.

That’s why luxurious brands can charge insanely high for the quality any other non-popular brand can produce.

Well, how does this work in graphics?
When a player clicks on the game icon of a game, the style of the game icon is a hint of what the player needs to see in that game.

The thumbnail comes after, in where its essential for there to be the right composition, the right colors and the right lighting.

And if the right things are done right
You bring over the idea associated together with your game in a correct manner.
This can lead up to the right players being interested, and can end up in that player clicking on the play button, and becoming a standard player of your game.

It is necessary for you to get the fitting Graphic Designer for your game.
So if you’ve generated interest in this portfolio, a look into my past work is essential for you to get the right person working on your game.



Game Icons








When wanting me to become a long term developer I will only accept funds.
For short term contracts I only accept gamepasses, funds, or USD $ according to DevEx rates
Note that I don’t cover Roblox tax when buying a gamepass

Please be aware that I can’t start right away with your order since there could be more people needing a graphic design. I will start with your commission as soon as possible.
My discord tag: cace#0543

Twitter: @SexyCacex
Roblox name: cacexo

Thanks for reading and I will be looking forward to be your new graphic designer.


there is always space for tips and tricks.


Comissions will open soon
feel free to hire me, please leave a reaction


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I can’t add you on discord.
Says only you can add someone.

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yes i will fix that, what is your discord tag?

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react if you wanna

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what do you guys think?

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I may be interested in commissioning you, your discord tag doesn’t work so here’s mine:

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alright i will add you, sorry for the late response

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Hello, I’m interested please add me N7LT#7103

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okay i will do that
sorry for the late response, had been busy with something else

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adjusted the name.
Oh and if you order you will need to wait a bit, many of you ordered and im very thankfull for that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Sorry for the long waiting time i will finish the commissions asap.


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new discord tag: cacex#7298
oh and feel free to criticize me

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its the commissioner named cyzmo

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Closing comissions due to vacations. i will reopen after 5 weeks.
comissions i am working on will be finished in 2 weeks

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