Cafe Mezlo SB Promotion Guide

Cafe Mezlo Senior Barista Promotion Guide

This will teach you how to become a Management Intern (MI) once you achieve the rank of Senior Barista.

How to be Promoted

To become a Management Intern, you must be very active, this does not mean 24/7, this means active enough to get noticed. You must attend sessions and helpful to costumers and fellow Baristas, if someone asks you a question, try to answer to the best of your abilities. You never know when a Chief Staffing Officer + is viewing you. We don’t only look if you are helpful, we also look for kindness and patience, we require staff that knows how to handle trollers in a professional manner. We also look for perfect grammar inside and outside of the kitchen. Make sure not to supervise as that’s not the job of a Barista and won’t help you get MI.


Something called “hinting” is not allowed at all, this includes but is not limited to “I really wanna be a Management Intern,” “Can you promote me?” Saying this to any staff member can get you blacklisted from all MR + roles, and for sure that’s something you don’t want. This is not a joke, so don’t take it like one.


In order to become a MI, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. In our communications server.
  2. Active.
  3. Hard-working.
  4. Using grammar at all times.
  5. Helpful, professional
  6. Kind.
  7. Your account may not have safechat.

The Process

If you are seen to meet all the requirements and we feel as you should become a MI, you’ll receive a Direct Message from our bot, ‘Cafe Mezlo Utilities’. You will then be sent an application that you need to fill out within 48-72 hours. You will receive another message about 48-72 hours after you submitted the applications, to notify you if you have passed or not.

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