Calculation of the physics of the behavior of bodies in water depending on Baseplate

Having created a new place in the game, I discovered (not immediately) that the characters drown when they fall into the water.
After spending two days in various research, I finally found the root of the problem - it turned out to be the base generation of the place, in particular the problem is in the “Baseplate”, because in all other options there are no problems with water.

The video shows a test of generating an empty location in all four options: File-New, Baseplate, Classic, Terrain.

Original - Russian

Создав в игре новый плейс я обнаружил (далеко не сразу) что персонажы попадая в воду тонут.
Проведя два дня в разных изысканиях, я наконец то нашёл корень проблемы - ей оказалось базовая генерация плейса, в частности проблема именно в “Baseplate”, т.к. во всех остальных вариантах с водой нет проблем.

На видео проба генерации пустой локации во всех четырёх вариантах: File-New, Baseplate, Classic, Terrain.

Update information.
It’s worth adding that on the “correct” SpawnLocation playground, the character immediately begins to drown in the water.

Original - Russian

Обновление информации.
Стоит добавить, на “правильном” плейсе SpawnLocation, как перс тут же начинает тонуть в воде.

Thank you for the report. We are investigating the issue.

We turned off a flag that we suspect might have caused this. Can you please verify after restarting studio.

Yes. Now the character floats in the pool by default and when you create a SpawnLocation.