Camera Collision Ignore on a Model

Hi, I’m trying to make the camera ignore a certain model.
I’ve looked at some forum posts and I can’t figure out what they’re trying to have me do.


If i’m not wrong the camera will ignore all the Models/Parts that are on Transparency = 1 or/and CanCollide = False

Idk if this help

Yes, this is true, but this is an object that is suppose to have a collision with the player.

If you’re setting transparency to 1 and let CanCollide true, player can collide with it without seeing it. Is this a barrier?

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No this isn’t a barrier, I want to have the camera circle around a statue at the main spawn of the game. But the camera is running into a sword object that has collision and causing the camera to get blocked by it.

Hmm, just set CanCollide to false then when camera movement ends, set CanCollide to true?

Idk if there is a way to detect what the camera is Colliding but if there is a way you could Detect if the camera collides with it and change the CanCollide to False so the camera will pass through and when the collision will be over change back on CanCollide True

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You could make two versions of the model. One that’s fully transparent and CanCollide, and the other model visible but not CanCollide.

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Wait so we are not talking about the camera of the player but another custom camera? Like Cutscene? If you attach it to an invisibile part with can collide False (?)