Camera warp effect?

Is there any way to warp the camera or make it bend around a certain part?
I’m trying to achieve a old 80’s terminal look for a script, something like this:


Currently, the only way to do this (to my knowledge) is with the Glass material. Glass distorts the camera’s view based on the shape of the part.
However, glass may not work in your case because it hides SurfaceGuis and Decals, and the refraction effect only shows up on high graphics levels.

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Maybe an surfacegui in a custom model can work, just like modeling a computer screen and having an actual screen for it, if you wanted to have it as a screen gui I can only think of positioning the part in front of the camera.

Edit: I tried to model a quick example and apply an surfacegui to it, it didn’t worked as expected but maybe something made with blender can work. Here is the example

Progress on this: I made the screen smoother and used decals instead of surfacegui, it works better and I think this is what you were looking for, however the proccess of animating and controlling this system may not be the best assuming you use a typewriter effect on the screen and making it interactive.

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will shaking the camera a teeny tiny bit help at least simulating the effect?

…custom shader support when roblox D:

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What do you mean by that? chars