Introducing New Material: Glass


Hey Developers,

We’re excited to announce a new material: Glass.

bus glass

Glass is a material that can be applied to any Part, MeshPart, or Union. It offers a few visual features that are currently absent from our material palette:


The Glass material acts as a color filter. For example, red glass lets red light through, but blocks other colors. Glass uses a multiply blend when calculating pixel colors, whereas Plastic uses an alpha blend.

Tint - Image


Fresnel Reflections

Glass reflections increase in strength when you view a surface at an angle. This creates a reflective outline around the edges of an object.

Fresnel Reflections - Image



On high graphics quality levels, glass bends light that passes through it, distorting the image behind it.

Refraction - Image



Glass Transparency is slightly different than that of other materials. At Transparency 0, glass is completely opaque. As Transparency increases from 0 to .5, glass becomes less opaque (any light that bounces off as diffuse decreases to zero), while all light that passes through is filtered by the glass color. As Transparency increases from .5 to 1, strength decreases until the glass is completely invisible.

Transparency - Image


Reflectance determines how much light comes from reflections of the Skybox versus the scattered diffuse light from the Part’s color. Skybox reflections are slightly tinted by a Glass Part’s Color.

Reflectance - Image


Warning: Non-opaque Objects - Non-opaque objects are currently not visible through glass. This includes, but is not limited to, transparent parts, decals on transparent parts, particles, and world-space gui objects. This behavior matches the refraction on high quality smooth terrain water. This was implemented so refraction wouldn’t have a large performance impact. This behavior may change. We do not recommend relying on this behavior for gameplay.



We want to hear your feedback. Feel free to let us know what you like and dislike about the material, as well as any problems you face. We’re looking forward to seeing your glass-filled creations!

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bruh this puts “adding neon to windows to have a cool glass effect” back in the stone age this is way too OP

but uhhh

is this supposed to happen on parts with reflectance





No more transparent blocks.


This is awesome!


I wonder if this glass works with quantum physics…


Great idea! I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while for some of my games. :smiley:




:+1: Hype was well hyped for.


Can’t wait :blush:


heartily approve of the use of squid and this amazing feature


Incredible update. Thanks!

I would love it even more if it worked with particles, but the material looks fantastic as is. Using transparent Ice or Plastic doesn’t compare with what we can do with this.


Finally, now I can make much more reflective things!


how much more intensive is this than just transparent plastic bricks. this sounds cool but i still want my games to run on mobile


This is going to be a huge upgrade for my Disneyland project!


I’m not a builder and I can’t exactly think of anything I plan on using this for right now

But I am so absolutely excited for this!


Objects with Humanoids look weird when they’re clipping with glass. Probably an issue with their shadows:


don’t make a ship out of glass and try to move It



YESYESYESYES no more fake transparent blocks!!