CameraModule API Public Override

I’m making this thread as a response to the not so recent decision by Roblox to make the PlayerScripts camera API private.

Ever since this change developers have been complaining about being unable to access camera API:

And so on…

As a result I wanted to find away around this. So I present to you this module which manages to finagle its way around the UserRemoveTheCameraApi FFlag.

Or if you prefer as a roblox model:

How to use

Simply put this module underneath the PlayerScriptsLoader and require it before the PlayerModule is required.

Something like this:

-- PlayerScriptsLoader
local PlayerModule = script.Parent:WaitForChild("PlayerModule")
local CameraInjector = script:WaitForChild("CameraInjector")


Now you can access the camera API like normal before the UserRemoveTheCameraApi FFlag existed.

Hope you enjoy!

As a complete side note:

I find it annoying that the reasoning provided by Roblox staff has been along the lines of “developers may break something if we leave this code open and accessible”. I don’t say this often, but i really do feel like I speak for all devs when I say: In the future please let us make that decision ourselves. I don’t think a single person asked for this.


Out of curiosity, how do you use this? Is it a simple drop-in modification where you only need to require your module and it’ll automatically find and patch the player module? Looks awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

edit: nvm, it’s on the github! Might be a good idea to include here tho for easier access :stuck_out_tongue:


DANG, now that’s a pro gamer move right there. Someone’s definitely gonna get mad about this.
Maybe they’ll finally break their silence on the matter.

This solution was poorly conceived in the first place. While I have no ill will towards the engineer who made this change, I feel like they seriously misunderstood why people were trying to inject into the module instead of forking it. The whole design goal of the new camera system was to allow people to make changes and extensions to the camera’s functionality without needing to fork the code. This was impossible to do with the previous CameraScript iteration. Completely cutting off access to the camera’s state defeats this purpose entirely.

While I recognize the PlayerModule system is a bit of a volatile mess at this stage and needs to be reworked, completely shutting the door on people with a legitimate use case, regardless of the risks, was a :poop: move. Especially given that they didn’t have an immediate replacement in place or mitigation plan for developers that were hacking into this. They just did it without warning anyone. Why is that acceptable?


This might seem like a dumb question or a useless one but is there a need for the override if we simply use CameraScript and ControlScript ?

That requires you to fork the scripts, meaning you won’t get any updates that Roblox releases to the PlayerModule.

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Thank you so much for making this !
Although it’s a workaround, so using pcall to be sure, I am happy to be able to use the camera API.

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I’d like to post this here as it frustrates me a lot.

This is not accurate. The following can be seen at the beginning of the PlayerModule script:

	PlayerModule - This module requires and instantiates the camera and control modules,
	and provides getters for developers to access methods on these singletons without
	having to modify Roblox-supplied scripts.

	2018 PlayerScripts Update - AllYourBlox

That sounds clearly like it was intended to be exposed.

Thank you for this clever workaround, @EgoMoose

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Just to add my point of view - I tried really hard to gently alter the behavior of the camera controller without outright replacing it.

I spent hours on it before I just went with the EgoMoose injector.
I keep running into things where Roblox makes it 10x easier to make an obby than Unity does.
But then it makes it 10x harder to make something not an obby than Unity does.