Camera/Mouse Issues

I have no idea when this started, but when you go into a game and move the camera (and maybe the character too) a lot, it becomes…snappy? Maybe glitchy is a better word for it.

I tried at my place and phantom forces. It’s probably more of a mouse/keyboard glitch then a cam, but yeah.

Using a Windows 10 computer, not sure if that has anything to do with it. My friend also has windows 10 and he has the same issue. Someone on Phantom Forces was asking if anyone else had issues with the camera, so it seems it’s not just me.

Oh, and I just tried another random place and it does it.


  1. Go to any game.
  2. Use WASD and move your camera alot.
  3. Notice how the camera randomly stops and moves, as if it’s in a grid type thing.

My ideas on what’s the issue:
When I was at phantom forces, I think the glitch happened when the hidden mouse left the roblox window. I tried this with full screen mode but it still happened.

EDIT: Revisited phantom forces, happening to other people. They believe is lag/their internet/their computer, so fix it before they start blaming roblox. :stuck_out_tongue:


Confirmed, it’s happening with me as well.


I just tried Phantom Forces and I’m experiencing the same issue. I then tried Theme Park Tycoon and something weird was happening with the camera there. This was not happening this morning as far as I can remember.


Interesting. Is this the normal windows client or the windows10 app?

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its at least regular windows client.

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I am running windows 8.1 and it’s happening for me on the normal client.

Can confirm, thought my mouse battery was dying at first.


I’m experiencing it on the normal client on Windows 10.

Yup. PF was nearly unplayable.

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Happens on every place I go to. Windows 10.




The mouse itself works fine, I’ve got some sliders that are completely un-affected by whatever this is,
it seems that the mouse being locked causes some issues.
(I have been noticing over the past year that being in first person and moving the mouse would show the cursor slightly off-centre in the direction you were turning. It looks like its now just moving to where that would be.)
Also Windows 10


fix or riot


It’s fixed for me. It seems like they have been trying to switch over to a raw input method lately. If you noticed the mouse sensitivity was higher and I was able to use keybinds in-game that I normally wouldn’t be able to use. I’m guessing this bug was part of that so they turned it off.

Note: I’m just guessing. I don’t know any of this for sure.

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Getting the same problem when playing EGTV minigames. I thought it was my mouse or lag, but nope, roblox problem. :stuck_out_tongue:


It seems it’s been fixed, for now.


It is actually the opposite. The original windows client uses raw input and attempts to reconstruct the cursor. raw input makes sense for camera rotation – the cursor can have OS modifiers. It doesn’t make sense that my camera should rotate a different amount based on my monitor refresh rate, dpi, size, or resolution. Depending on the OS/Version and OS settings, these can all become factors.

This is different from windows studio, OSX, and Win10 App. There is a goal to mostly unify these systems.


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