Camp Atoka Affiliation Application

The following section of the handbook has been made in-regards to affiliation inquiries one may have. Similar to other groups, Camp Atoka possesses requirements and regulations a group must have in order to prosper an affiliation. Before applying, please view our standards to ensure your group is well-qualified to become a possible alliance of Camp Atoka.

Before applying to form an affiliation with Camp Atoka, there will be strict rules set to ensure the success of the supposed affiliation. The application must be submitted via Google Docs, with “viewer” mode enabled. Provided below are the following; Application Requirements, Applicant Requirements and affiliation Expectations. Please note that we do not announce our affiliate’s applications.


  • The group must have no less than 100 members, non-botted.
  • The group must have a minimum of 50 members within its Communication Server [Discord].
  • All High-Rank Officials and above must carry a clean reputation.
  • Your group must be professional and neat.
  • The group must not sell rank(s) that grant administrative powers, nor free rank of any sort.
  • Must have an organized establishment; GFXs, group description, Communication Server, hand-books, etcetera.
  • You must be willing to announce events, invite competitions, etcetera, in your Communications Server.

  1. What is the name of the group wishing to partner with Camp Atoka?
  2. Provide a link to all Social Media of your group. (Discord, ROBLOX, handbook, Twitter…)
  3. Briefly state the history of your corporation.
  4. What are the weaknesses and strengths of your group?
  5. How can this affiliation be mutually beneficial?
  6. Who will be representing your group? (Include ROBLOX and Discord username) Furthermore, have they joined Camp Atoka’s Communication Server?
  7. By submitting an application, you are agreeing to abide by all of our regulations and remaining a supportive/beneficial ally. Do you understand?

This concludes all regulations and expectations contemplated. Preliminary to sending an affiliation application, please ensure you have answered all of the questions provided below with the same format. Afterwards, you may direct the application to a member of Communications Department or open a ticket in our Communications Server. If you believe you are well-qualified to become a formal ally of Camp Atoka, you may fill out the application below and submit it to a member of the Communications Department.