Camp Atoka Public Handbook

:pushpin: Welcome to Camp Atoka! :camping:

Established in November 2020, Camp Atoka is a Summer Camp that aims to spread joy to campers by allowing creativity and fun to spread along the campsite. When you visit Camp Atoka, professional service is a guarantee. Camp Atoka employees reassure themselves that all campers are satisfied with the quality of service delivered. Anyone can become a member of the community of Camp Atoka, so what are you waiting for, join us and enjoy the Camp Atoka experience!
Moreover, this handbook contains but is not limited to: our affiliation information, recipe & appeal guide, our session schedule, community guidelines, rank information, middle-ranking promotion guide and frequently asked questions.

Mentioned below is a variety of documents which are welcome to be viewed by both Campers and Staff Members. We recommend going through the ones most relevant to you, so you understand how Camp Atoka is operated. They also contain the basic rules that are needed to respected and followed at all Camp Atoka Facilities.

Community Guides:

Thank you for taking the time to read our handbook(s). We hope it provides insight into any issues or concerns you may have been having. If your queries are still unsolved then you may contact any member of staff to ask for help.

Last Reviewed September 23rd, 2021.