Can cloned parts have clothing appearance applied?

Hope this is the right section -

I have need to make a player’s real right foot transparent, then use a cloned version of the foot for appearance. This works fine, except the cloned foot does not have the ‘Pants’ clothing appearance applied - in this case wearing pants that are jean shorts and sneakers.

Is there any way to apply the pants appearance to the cloned right foot?
Appreciate any thoughts.

First of all, since I am not sure what the core problem is, here is a list of solutions that may hopefully work:

  1. Use rig editor plugin and check if the leg is actually connected
    Modern Rig Editor Plugin
    Rig Editor - Roblox
  2. The reason your method doesn’t work may be due to how clothing functions in Roblox Studio,
    Pants | Roblox Creator Documentation
    since it’s applied automatically, you can’t really fix this since it’s automatic, and it makes sense why Roblox doesn’t apply it to “RightFoot2” because it isn’t the default feet.

To fix this, maybe you could import the leg as a mesh and use texture wrap the leg mesh.

Another quick question? Why are you doing this? There may be other solutions to solve your problem, so this is why I am curious about what you wanted to do in the first place.