Modern Rig Editor Plugin

For a game I am currently developing, I needed to make completely custom Humanoid rigs from scratch. These rigs then needed to be animated using Roblox’s Animation Editor. Unable to find a modern plugin for accomplishing such a task, I decided to make one myself!



Here are the features of my plugin which are all very easy to use:

  • Create new joints. With a few clicks, you can make joints between parts of your custom rig. As you do so, you can see the “skeleton” you are building.
  • Edit existing joints. Want to adjust the center of your joint? No problem! The plugin features easy movement tools to move the joint’s center to further customize and simplify animation.
  • Delete unwanted joints. It’s easy to make mistakes, so I made it easy to remove them! Click on joints with the Delete Joints tool to remove them from the skeleton.

Each tool is intuitive, easy to use, and uses a modern interface. Each action will also update the rig’s skeleton preview as the actions are made. The plugin window will match Studio’s current color theme, as well.

Here is a quick instructional video in which I use this plugin to go from an assortment of parts to a complete, animation-friendly horse:


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All of that (besides the snazzy looking UI) is something DaMrNelson’s Character Editor Plugin offers. I suggest you add something more to your plugin and it’d be a nice cope.


This plugin was mainly designed to be a modern alternative to that plugin. DaMrNelson’s plugin certainly works, it’s just a bit less intuitive and not as up-to-date (interface-wise). This plugin also allows you to view the rig’s skeleton at all times, even while creating joints.


If you decide to expand it, maybe have an option to build the joints from a model hierarchy.


Perhaps, as a default, joints for each child could be placed on the center of the surface that is closest to the center of the parent. Can collapse the hierarchy as part of the skeleton build. Get straight to editing joint placement. I think that would be a nice time saver for custom characters.

Anyway, just thinking out loud. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. I’ll definitely give it a workout.


I’d recommend creating the ability to select multiple joints at once, but good plugin! :smile:

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^ this, I like making more detailed models for my games and keeping the rig symmetrical can be a challenge for more complex rigs when I can only select one joint at a time.


I like this plugin, it seemed to work out better for me than some of the other suggested plugins. I did run into an issue with it though. I wanted to utilize the inverse kinematics option from the built in animation editor but that requires the attachments. While editing with the plugin the attachments are present within the model but once the plugin is closed, the attachments are removed. It would be nice if the common attachments were left in the model and the pairs held the same name. That should make it work with the IK feature. Also it would be better if there wasn’t a locked increment amount for moving the joints. On my model they are either stuck in the center of the part or totally out of the part.

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This will be incredibly useful for me, thank you for sharing this!

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You can adjust the increment using a hotkey (I don’t exactly remember which key I chose, but it should be labeled in the menu).

Good idea! If I get time sometime soon I’ll add this.

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I see that now, thank you. I seem to have run into a odd problem though. My animation editor suddenly does not work today. Edit: forgot to set my primary part on my model :doh:

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Cool rig editor! Perfect for the models that I have made for my game!

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that’s great. It would be better if we could adjust this increment

did you try pressing X to change the increment?


I see. Thank you very much:relaxed:

Really wish this worked with not just humanoids but also animation controllers