Can I complain about the flagging system here?

The dude had about 5 posts on a thread, all greyed out from being flagged. I was trying to reach out to him to see if he was as annoyed at it as I was. Said his account was suspended. Hard to believe it wasn’t automatic seeing as though he was being respectful and on topic.



I’ve seen lots of post like “Cool, thanks man!” left up with no flags, while other seemingly relevant posts got taken down. I think it’s entirely up to the people viewing your post, sometimes flagging is seen as frivolous, and other times helpful.

Just make the best posts you can, and hope they don’t get flagged. I don’t think there’s much anyone can do about this :man_shrugging:


I mean thanking people is one thing but there are people completely derailing threads in the public section right now and I feel like I’m the only person who cares. It’s just something that’s been bothering me whenever I get on here


I understand. Perhaps try sending a TC or LTC a quick message if things get too out of hand?

Or try sending the people in question a contructive feedback on their post. I think you can do that by going Flag User > Message this user about their post.

It would take some extra time but it would really help them to not keep doing it, maybe they are new and don’t know the rules too well.

I’m at the 90% confidence any TC or LTC would refer you directly to the flag system.

Who are you referring to? There’s an above average chance that they were suspended for a good reason.


well its not completely gone, rather just hidden, and if its a false flag, those people get in trouble

There are other threads that already tackle this topic. You will find out everything you need to know there:

This doesn’t happen. Suspensions are not automatic as far as I’m aware, and always happen for extremely good reasons that are not always immediately visible (hidden threads / replies are totally hidden).

Users who abuse the system in this way will be found. Bad flags can also be cleared by staff who end up reviewing them. If you disagree with a flag, you can message dev engagement on the forum.


If you don’t understand why your post was flagged and isn’t being made visible again after a few days / is removed, please follow up with @DevEngagementTeam to clarify why they agreed to the flag.

Always ask them in private when confused about moderation.

Seems hypothetical. If you see this happening just bring it up with moderation, but I frequent this forum and I do not see this kind of behavior.

There is, you haven’t looked hard enough. Have a look through the rules:

You can message @DevEngagementTeam any time if you see anything weird happening related to moderation.

Suspensions aren’t automatic. Please don’t spread rumors about forum moderation as that is not constructive.


Woah, Esme Squalor‘s post got deleted!?

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This post does not contribute to the overall discussion on the thread. I 100% agree with it being flagged.

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Your post was flagged for a legitimate reason, it was spam. You should keep your replies in as little posts as possible. You could’ve attached that message below your response to the thread, the same way you could attach your second response to this thread to your first.

Not a wise idea to complain about a system without being able to follow it first.

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Yes it does. OP was referencing what I was quoting and I said Speed Runs were “Out” and Fortnites (as in Battle Royales) were in. Literally meaning Speed Runs aren’t popular and aren’t worth pursuing while battle royales are. How is that not relevant?

Sorry that I attempted to have fun with him while still offering some information. At least I didn’t completely derail the thread.

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That is spam, its was a response that was careless and short. If you would have actually explained what you meant by it like you just did, then it wouldnt have been flagged.

Just make sure your responses are informitive and have sufficent information and I doubt you’ll have an issue. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can see your point but at the same time it directly highlights the problem. If I’m going to have my post flagged because it was “careless and short” then everyone else should have theirs flagged too. Especially the people whose short comments are truly meaningless to the conversation.

I do use the flag button when I think it’s appropriate, but it seems like nobody actually looks at the flag. I just wish the rules were enforced on all offenders, especially in the public sections of the dev forums. If my post is spammy, fine. But everyone else who has comments in the same vein should also be dealt with.


No, you cannot complain amount moderation issues publicly on the devforums.


Oof. I was intending for this to be more broad of a question and should probably remove my examples then. I already asked to have this thread locked so hopefully it will be…


This post was flagged as spam, how? I was the first post? I also added a question that no one else added, I was falsely flagged…


Requested by topic creator as answer was provided. Always feel free to reach out to the Developer Engagement Team for feedback on why posts may or may not have been hidden/deleted.