What's with all of the random flags recently?

Edit: this thread originated from a three year old discussion in the what are you working on currently post, and was auto moved to a new thread. Someone just necrobumped this and now I have no permissions to delete this thread because I didnt technically create it. The rules about liking posts/noncontributive posts were new back then and not as well formed as they are now. Can we delete this so I am not liable for someone’s necrobump? Thanks.

What’s with all of the random flags? Are these intentionally going through, or is someone abusing the system?


I was about to ask that too.


Probably because with the influx of new members, short posts like “very cool” are getting more frequent and spammy. Not to mention this is what the like button is for.


I think it’s absolutely absurd to say that compliments, even if they are “too short”, detract from the value of this thread.

More importantly, flagging posts for this seems to cause more confusion than it does add to the discussion. Not only does the flagged post itself takes up more space and detracts more from the thread, the message “This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden” makes it seem like a number of forum users saw this post as offensive, and used the “flag” feature to have it removed.

So when I decide to “brave it” and look at the contents of the post that was flagged, only to see that it was a nice message, it makes it seem like this system is either 1. being abused by troll accounts or 2. someone somehow got offended by a compliment.

I’d like to hear from the moderators to verify if these posts are intentionally being flagged for this reason. Because it seems to be causing more problems and confusion than it attempts to solve if this is the case.


Same i asked InceptionTime and this is the reason you getting flag recently.

Heyyo, it was flagged as the reply didn’t really contribute to the topic. When replying to topics, please make sure to respond with feedback that the developer can use. I understand you were trying to give the developer a compliment but it was very short and you didn’t explain what you liked.

Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum

Global Rule 5

5. Every reply should have a meaningful and contributive response.

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Also, there seems to be a lot of inconsistently with the way this is being enforced.

Even the last post seems to be in the same category as the first two in my mind; it’s still a compliment, even if it’s a wordier one.

Or this post, for example. A compliment, and then a question—does it also detract from the discussion because it does not give critical feedback? Or is it okay because it has more words in it?

I don’t understand the logic here.


Because as the reply didn’t really contribute to the topic. When replying to topics, you gotta make sure to respond with feedback that the developer can use. Like the Rule 5 say!!

Flags aren’t enforcement. They’re from the community, and aren’t consistent in any way since users may chose to or not to flag a post on a whim. Just because a post hasn’t been flagged doesn’t mean it respects the rule mentioned above.

You should look at what the rule asks for rather than what the community flags to determine what is/isn’t appropriate.

If I am understanding this correctly, the post was in fact initially flagged by a normal user, and approved by a moderator?

I will assume that this post broke the forum rules based on that paragraph written under “Do not spam” and/or Global Rule 5 (“Every reply should have a meaningful and contributive response.”)

How about we look at the case of this comment then:

“Ok that looks extremely cool! Good job!”

How exactly did this fit into the category of “spam”? Looking at the clauses of that rule:

Use the Like button instead of replying “Thanks!”

Does not apply, as he was not saying “Thanks!”, or thanking someone.

do not post memes or single-word posts such as “First!” or “bump”, and put effort into your posts

This post was not a Ugandan Knuckles, and neither was it a single-word post.
Did he put effort into his post? I think so. He took the time to craft a thoughtful response intended to boost the recipient’s confidence in their work.

Do not re-post what others have already said

He did not post the same message as another user, and was the first to reply to that post in particular.

Ensure every reply is meaningful, contributive, and on-topic.

On-topic - As the person who started the first “What are you working on currently?” thread, I would say these types of posts are completely welcome and on-topic. He replied to another user in the context of the work they posted on the thread.

Meaningful, Contributive - The goal of this thread is to encourage users to share their creations without having to feel the pressure of formatting 100% polished work in a standalone thread. Compliments like these, in my view, are very meaningful and help encourage people with their projects, which is exactly what the thread was intended for.

So my question is, on which of these points was the post failing? And what constitutes a “meaningful” or “contributive” post in this instance? It all seems very subjective to me. Should I be flagging all of other posts I mentioned because they are also not contributive?


Posts hidden by flags are either:

  • Flagged by multiple users (3+ is the discourse default iirc)
  • Flagged by at least one user and approved by a mod

Posts not hidden may actually have been flagged, but either disagreed with by a mod or have not been processed by a mod and haven’t reached the auto-hide threshold.

This applies to any short post that could otherwise be substituted with a like. Sorry for the ambiguity – we’ll update the rules to be more clear.

As I understand it, the reply “Ok that looks extremely cool! Good job!” does not contribute anything to the thread, does not encourage meaningful discussion, and is hardly better than a one word reply of “Nice!”. This reply would have been more meaningful had it included specific feedback on what exactly the poster liked.

If everybody posted replies like this, threads would be swamped with posts that contribute nothing. I much prefer we remove empty “Good job.” replies and encourage likes instead. If you want to compliment somebody directly, say something more substantial than “Looks good.”

It would be helpful to know whether this post was removed because it was flagged by 3 people, or removed because of moderator action.

If it was not because of moderator action, then I think we have a bigger issue of people abusing the flagging feature. Otherwise, it is an issue of subjective rules.

But I really want to know which category this falls into. I will happily flag a quarter of the posts on that thread if they are violating the rules of this forum, but I don’t think they do, nor do I think they should.

Discourse doesn’t provide anything to show that, but if a mod disagrees with a flag, then it is unhidden. Flags have been reviewed at longest by the end of the day, so if a post is still hidden after a day, either a mod agreed with a flag immediately and hid the post, or the post was already auto-hidden and a mod agreed with it.

Also, the flag queue keeps track of how many flags mods have agreed/disagreed with per person, and this is shown on each flag they submit, so it’s trivial to identify people who are abusing flags. DevRel bans anyone who uses them maliciously, and reaches out to users with feedback if they are unintentionally misusing them.

In other words, you don’t have to worry about users abusing flags, and any post that has been hidden for a while has been agreed with by a mod.


To add onto what’s been said and why (most likely) my post was not flagged: it depends on context. In my scenario, Semaphorism had posted an update-type post about some gameplay element he was working on, and I was genuinely curious when that game would be playable. Since he was posting in the “What are you working on?” thread, it’s usually fine for people to ask empty questions like that.

If, however, his post had been in one of the Support categories and he needed help fixing something, my post would almost definitely be flagged. Support threads are meant to be focused on the question at hand, and not surface questions like mine. If you desperately want to know the answer to a question like that, a PM would be the way to go.

Also, as has been said previously, “Thanks”/“Cool!”-type posts are not dependent on context, and will almost definitely be flagged because the heart icon serves the same purpose (but doesn’t clog up a thread).

Okay, so it looks like a lot of the posts have now been removed.

Could I make a suggestion then—if you’re going full on 1984, could you please move these posts to another thread, or delete them instead of using the flagging feature? Flagging does not reduce the amount of spam, it actually increases it because the “This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.” takes up even more space than the messages itself.

Obviously, I can’t win this one, but I think this is a really stupid and unprecedented crackdown. Nonetheless, if this is going to happen, at least be useful about it, instead of adding to the spam.

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I’ve always thought that those less meaningful posts that were considered spam anywhere else in the forum was more or less ok in the what have you been working on topic for two reasons:

  • It is a thread purely to show advancement of people’s work
  • It is in a catagory not publically visible

IMO I really don’t think that a post complimenting someone’s work in a topic that is basically asking for compliments is worth being flagged.

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That’s a Discourse problem, file a feature request with them to make flagged posts take up less space.

That’s exactly what happened (but not necessarily “offensive”, there are several reasons to flag a post with, one of them being “off-topic” and another being “spam”), so that message is accurate. A post needs to get several flags for it to be hidden.

It’s not possible to force the community to flag posts consistently. People decide what they flag for what reason.

It brings the thread all the way back up to latest without any new information being added to the thread. This is particularly annoying for support requests, for example when someone bumps a 2-day old thread just to say “Thanks!”. I agree that they are not that inappropriate in the “What are you working on?” thread though, since that post sees a lot of activity either way.

That’s the point – they need to be seen by a moderator first before they are removed. Flagging just brings it to the attention of a moderator. It would actually be ‘full on 1984’ if it actually wholly removed the post when it is flagged by several people, because then you wouldn’t even be able to see the flagged content.

Again – the flags are put on the post by the community. Not by moderators.


But I thought we established that these posts are hidden because of moderator action after a single community flag, not because of three community flags.

If that’s not the case, I would really like to know. Right now it seems like the justification for this flagging is still really murky, and this is an important point whether or not they were hidden prior to moderator review, or after moderator review. I find it hard to believe that there are a bunch of non-trolling killjoys in the devforum community. It seems more like moderator action to me.

As far as I know Developer Engagement will either clear the flag or remove the post, not leave the flagged post there. I’ll ask to make sure that is the case. (EDIT: yes, they will either clear the flag or remove the post entirely, not leave it hidden)

Also keep in mind that Developer Engagement doesn’t instantly review a post after it has been flagged, this takes several days sometimes.

Flagging these posts is not inherently wrong, it’s just a little strict in the instances you link. We do get a lot of these responses in threads where it is actually annoying (bumping months-old threads with them, sending them several days after a support request was solved, etc) so what likely happens is that people are flagging these because they are seeing us remove them in the threads where it actually matters.

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