Can I include copyrighted drinks in my game?

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    I am making a fast food restaurant and have a question regarding copyrighted drinks.

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    I don’t know if I am allowed to include copyrighted drinks in my restaurant such as Coca Cola or other well-known drinks.

Would I be allowed to name them or would I have to find an alternative name such as “Cola”?


I’d avoid using copyrighted names of drinks. Use generic names instead like…

Coca Cola = Cola

Fanta = Orange Soda


no using copyrighted drink maybe coca cola could be cola or bloxy cola. be sure to have generic untrademarked names. and be sure u know what untrademarked is.


I’m gonna be realistic they’re not gonna enforce their trademark on developers. If you search “Coca Cola” on library there are multiple images of it pages of pages. Unless you’re associating their brand with something dangerous or criminal they don’t care. How you use it may also fall under fair use it’s all dependent on how you’re using it.

Know who you’re messing with if you upload copyrighted music yes the music industry will strike you down. Brand name food images they don’t care.


Probably not, change the names, like what Crazed said, also change the logo up a bit.

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I, personally, would not include copyrighted names inside the game, as this can definitely lead to copyright issues. I would name Coca-Cola a unique name, such as (insert name of restaurant here) cola, or (restaurant name) House Cream Soda. I’d also make a different logo than the exact logos of the drink you are basing them off of, as @Rebellion2895 said above.

Just because there is multiple of them doesn’t mean Coca-Cola won’t do something about it if this game gets large enough. They could, theoretically, fall under fair use, but if the developer makes money off the game, which they will likely try to do, this could lead to copyright issues.

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I know. Like I said unless you’re associating their brand with something dangerous or criminal the worst you’re getting is a DMCA strike and that’s if you’re on the front page.

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What if I didn’t use their logo, and only used their name? Would that change up anything?

Coca Cola and it’s image is part of their trademark If you’re really that worried about copyright upload assets on a alternate account and use the decal ID.

But wouldn’t it lessen attention if their logo wasn’t used?

The image is a part of the trademark, and therefore also part of the brand, as @Chinese_Developer said above. Therefore, I don’t believe it would.

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Fair and valid point; this flew above my head until now, but I doubt that Coca-Cola would take any sort of action on ROBLOX, unless it were serious. Either way, I’d still change things up, just to be safe, because of how ROBLOX moderation is.

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What I mean by using their name and not logo is that I wouldn’t be using any images they made, instead it will just be a brown drink inside a cup that is referenced as coca cola.

That may still be an issue, though it is unlikely anything will happen, unless Roblox moderators do something. You could do that, but if your game begins getting larger, just to stay safe, I’d change its name.

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You’re more then fine, to issue a DMCA a representative of that company will have to contact Roblox and list all the assets. Which can take days or weeks which is something they’re not wasting their time on.

It’s expensive to issue a DMCA formally.

So I will be fine as long as I don’t include any logos/any things that would make them submit a DMCA report?

Yes. It’s more likely that there would be another world changing virus than you getting a DMCA from Coca Cola.

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Roblox removes copyrighted content proactively, and there are automated systems in place to detect copyrighted content. This advice is absolutely not okay. Even though there is a ton of copyrighted content still on the platform, there is still a very real chance you could get your account warned or terminated if you upload copyrighted content. Roblox moderation is very unfair, do NOT poke the bear.


You better change them a bit, just like phantom forces changed pepsi to bepis