Can plugins display the 3D viewport?

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Well there really isn’t too much to say, my question is with a plugin that is a docked widget, can i display the 3d viewport inside it? Or not possible?

Thanks in advance

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By “3d viewport” you mean ViewportFrame correct?

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No, I mean the entire 3D viewport, the area within ROBLOX studio where everything in your 3D scene can be viewed.

I took a long look through the plugin documentation, and there is nothing which allows the 3D viewport to be rendered in a plugin GUI.

This is a very specific use case, and not many plugins would likely require it, but if you want you can submit a feature request, although it isn’t guarunteed it will be accepted.

You could practically use this for your project, but I doubt it’ll be efficient:

You can’t do this without cloning everything in workspace and shoving it inside a ViewportFrame (and this obviously has some caveats, such as particles and beams not rendering).

That’s not what OP is asking for. Viewports exist, ViewportFrames are frames that contain viewports (as seen from a Camera).

There is no method for this and I’m not sure of your use case either. Can you not just use the CurrentCamera as-is?

Dual-Render is just a module that clones the entire Workspace to display it in a ViewportFrame. Set the frame’s CurrentCamera to the Workspace’s CurrentCamera and you practically have what he asked for.

Yeah, I know. Thats why I am asking, it seems very impractical and unusable all together to clone and put everything in a view port frame. I appreciate the help though, I’ll find another solution.

Interesting. My last reply said I would try and find another solution, yet here I am a year later trying to Google this same question to find out I have already made a post on this before…

Has anyone figured out how to do something like this?

Well your question was already answered, although the caveats being particles and beams not rendering, and terrain can’t be put in there.

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Viewport frames are not really a realistic option in this case. Since this is plugin development, not game development, I would need a way to use the 3D viewport.

As of the current standpoint, I dont believe this is possible unless you want to deal with hacky viewportframes.