Can reference towards alcohol affect a game?

Recently me and some friends worked on a game and my friend made some little place where an npc is selling “Vint”

I want your thoughts on if the game could be affected by this.


As most of the players are under the age of 18, it might affect your game. This might cause loss of concurrent players as well as player base. You can minimize it to something else for example a lemonade or something (Just an example).

Something I’ll add on. Many games have reference to it, but its very minimum and not noticeable. You can remove the reference of “Vint”.


Yeah, as it’s based off magic we could name them weird things and make them give you different effects on your body.

If you made the NPC not drunk, it’ll probably be okay so long as Vint doesn’t resemble alcohol too much.


Change the drink to a Bloxy Cola/Bloxiade.
Also, I feel like this belongs in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support @B0d.

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If Roblox banned “LMAO” word , then this is just a good reason to ban your game although you used different name , concept is same

The game is based off a medieval map, so I don’t know if it would fit.

Steer clear, man. Today I got a 1-Day ban because I uploaded a decal with a link in it. This happened to me before and I did not think much of it. Back when I received a warning before, I did not know much about ToS. I have heard of 1 or 2 day bans before I thought I would never receive one because I was nice on Roblox and didn’t bully anyone or anything. But then I did get banned for one day for something I wasn’t even intending to hurt anyone. Try and keep it clean as possible.

My friend (Who is working on the game too) uploaded a custom cola texture I made him so he can use it, and he got a warning for it for posting a link when there was no link at all.

This is one of those gray areas in ToS, as I am pretty sure it’s not allowed, I can’t say that I’ve seen many people get in trouble for it unless the game is popular itself, so I’d rather not risk it.

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Thanks for clarifying, 1ik! Side note: I am a big fan.

Any reference to alcohol is forbidden and a violation of the Roblox Terms of Service.
Don’t add drunken people, beer bottles or other alcoholic references in your game, unless you want your game to get suspended.

Well, what I could do is rename it to some random name, so it doesn’t sound like beer or not anything related to it.

Vint is in rouge lineage so you would be fine.

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I think root beer is a good replacement tbh.

It’s not alcoholic and it is something that Roblox allows according to this:

The burping can probably stay, but just make the guy a little less drunk.