Can roblox please get proper scaling support?


This has been posted about before but I feel like a modern post sufficiently explaining this would be helpful.

I have a high-res monitor and can’t use studio at native resolution (the text & buttons are tiny). The solution is to run windows at 150% scaling. All of my other programs act as expected with this.

But not studio. When you scale a program (ex: run windows scaling at 200% instead of 100%) the program uses the scaling value and multiplies it by the font size, images, svgs, etc… and the result is really crispy text and images.

Roblox will instead treat the text like an image and scale it from 10x10 (for example) to 20x20. This means a 10x10 image is being resized to 20x20, instead of just being drawn natively at 20x20. The result is fuzzy text everywhere:

If we could please have text font scaling this would be great. This also happens when you play roblox games. Text is fuzzy in-game & in-studio. I heard something about support for this about 2 years ago but it’s been pretty quiet ever since. This seems like something that has to already be working out of the box, especially for a platform as large as Roblox.

Script Editor Blurry on High DPI Screens

This is indeed annoying. The fix has been mentioned before too but I’ll repeat it for posterity: Checking “Override high DPI scaling” will fix these issues and make text/images crisp again.

The problem is that the fix is temporary and will revert when Roblox Studio reinstalls itself for an update. Proper scaling support would therefore be a godsend.


I’ve tried this before and it’s honestly not worth the trouble to me. The buttons & icons are so tiny :frowning:


Oh I didn’t think about what would happen with icons on higher resolution displays than mine - at 1440p this workaround works fine. At 4K though I can see that built in support would be needed yeah.


Dear Roblox pls


Just got a 4K laptop, instant regret.

My list of blame

  1. Windows should support 1/4th scaling, it doesn’t require rocket science.
  2. Roblox should support 4K, it’s 2018.
  3. I should just use my super sleek 1080 monitor instead.


My hack week project this year was to fix this, and I’m still trying to ship it. It’s nontrivial to ship it without causing regressions for both high DPI users and non-high-DPI users.

One of the biggest reasons we don’t currently support high DPI in Studio is because of issues with Qt. Only extremely new versions of Qt, e.g. 5.9, have the bug fixes we need, and upgrading has a high risk associated with it so we do it infrequently.

I have 4k monitors both at home and at work and use Studio with 2x scaling without issue, albeit pixellated.

Windows 10 has excellent support for high DPI, I don’t know what you’re talking about. It supports per-monitor configurable DPI scales in increments of 25%, and handles things like scaling of the non-client area of the window (e.g. the titlebar) automatically. High DPI support has been on the radar of OS vendors for nearly a decade, and they have it nailed down pretty well these days.

Even once high DPI support ships, we will still render the 3D view in a lower resolution, like we do on mobile. The vast majority of players with WQHD or UHD screens don’t have PCs powerful enough to render in native resolution, especially because most of those devices are ultrabooks.