Script Editor Blurry on High DPI Screens

On high DPI screens, the text in the studio script editor is rather blurry and seems to be slightly compressed vertically which distorts the characters and causes eye strains. Below is a screenshot.


I believe that the resolution problem may be on your end as it’s looking fine on my end. I have a 1080p monitor currently, maybe your resolution is off?

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This is due to Windows scaling. Until Roblox officially supports proper high-DPI scaling, you basically need to run at 100%, 200%, or 400% scaling.


I checked high DPI scaling override and now the text is crystal clear again, but the icons are TINY. How do you fix that?


after 1.5 years later, this is still not resolved. I have a screen with 2736x1924 and when I launch studio, the script editor is very blurry along with the other UI elements. However, using it on my bigger 1920x1080 monitor, things don’t look as blurry.