Can there be Anti-spam System for equipping Tools in Backpack?

As most of you know, making tools are a nightmare sometimes (especially with welds, ect.) When you finally finished making one, it works great, but there’s always that exception: when you spam the keys: 0-9 that is full of tools one is bound to break, not just for gears we make but ROBLOX’s too. Now most may say, “Ooo, but just add a quick delay once the tool is equipped.” Please no, it is crucial in some cases to have all the welds put in place as soon as it can otherwise it can also lead to the tool breaking. No matter how secure your scripts are for de-equipping or equipping it can still possibly lead to breaking if the user decides to spam-equip other tools. We can either fix this by: removing the hotkeys for equipping tools or a temporary stop if found that the user is spamming tools rapidly. In most games with custom built tools using welds, I’ve spammed the backpack and found that a good amount of tools break most often. Most cases, my arm falls off. Can this be considered? Or at least put into thought?

Isn’t this just a consequence of your own actions?

Yes, but just the possiblity of tools breaking makes the game look un-professional in the eyes of some users. I’ve even seen in a certain games that making the tool break gives the user an advantage. Like a gear battling game. Also, in Apoc. Rising, if you spam the tools while in a vehicle it can flip. Now isn’t that not abusive? It is the user’s choice to do proceed to break tools, yes. But us as devs may want to prevent that from happening.

Which is why you code your own toolsystem :DDDD

Nice way to prevent it from breaking is to let the tool weld properly and save the CFrame data to table or whatever.

Something that I did :imagine:

I was thinking of that but it is just more things I have to deal with breaking in future updates.