Can we animate a character only using scripts?

The title is very clear. Can we animate a character only using scripts? Would I need to rotate or move the parts using Vector3?

It’s possible to animate a character using only scripts. I believe this is called procedural animation, it’s also used for inverse kinematics or IK. Though there would be a lot of math involved.

This is just a hunch but it might be easier to have partial animations and then blend them together to get an entirely different animation rather than purely animating without using animation tracks.

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Hmm, I see. I think Roblox’s Animation Editor uses this, right? Do you know any other animation editors that has used this?

The only other animation editor I’m aware of is Moon Editor. Though I have only used it once and that was the old version. So I’m not sure if it has IK.

I think that answers my question. Thanks!


There are a couple more editors out there. I’m watching this one, and you can always animate in blender and import it after its complete.

rFrameAnimator | A brand new Animation Editor - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

I looked into procedural animation for more complex things like eye tracking. I never succeeded, as it’s way beyond my programming skill. Someone else built me an animated torch flame, that follows around my skinned mesh torch. I don’t understand it!

Best of luck! It can be done!

Thank you! I want ML to animate the character(give the positions). Also, do you have a link for the animated torch flame?

Edit: Also if you know whether a joint can be animated or not, could you let me know?