Can we make the default part anchored

Whenever I spawn a new part in the workspace I always forget to anchor it. It’s not a huge problem but if we’re going to nitpick I use way more anchored parts than unanchored. Anyone else in favor of the switch?

EDIT: I am referring more towards inserting a part in studio as opposed to scripts.

EDIT 2: Actually let’s go the most customization options in studio route, that’s a better idea


If you’re referring to"Part"), I don’t think this is a good idea.

Plenty of old code could rely on it being unanchored.

Please clarify in the OP.


The default properties of an object in studio can be different than the default instance properties so I think that’s what he’s referring to.

I don’t think this change would be a good idea though because new users expect everything to behave physically.

As a studio property though, I am always in favor of customization that makes developers lives easier.


Inserted parts default to smooth, so parts defaulting to unanchored has no purpose now – they can’t be connected together. Anchored seems like a better default at this point.


Yeah, I’d really like it if the studio defaults were in an XML config or similar, so that I could have all new Parts be 2x2x2 anchored smooth plastic if I wanted, and someone else could have 4x1x2 unanchored Plastic bricks with studs and inlets if that was their preference.


This is a good point. I still think people expect bricks to drop when they place them in the world the first time though.

But having unanchored smooth parts as the default like we do now is just awkward for every party.


Personally mine would be 1000x500x720 Really red Fabric parts

Joking aside, yeah this would be perfect. Just a nice little config we could edit various default properties in would be perfect. Like configuring minecraft mods.


Default smooth parts on a studded baseplate is also weird.


I also wish I could save a “template” new place somewhere. There’s a couple of basic things I set up in every single new place. max area baseplate, Laurel green grass, I like to setup CornerWedge “pyramids” for use for terrain later. If I could just go to the Roblox files and save over like “NewPlace.rbxl” that would :ok_hand:


We already had a thread about this here a few weeks ago:

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Should this not be the case, albeit a tad more obscured? I reckon if anyone knows where to look it would be the ones that create Roblox studio.

This right here. If it were in the studio settings dialog, that’d be a great feature.

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I think it would be really cool to be able to set default properties for every object in studio settings :slight_smile:

Along with that, cross-device sync for studio settings would be great, but that’s another topic lol


Possible the least useful plugin on the front page…

When I made the plugin it was great cause we builders would have to do…
Anchored = true
FormFactor = “Custom”
Size = 2,1,4
TopSurface = “Smooth”
BottomSurface = “Smooth”
… for every single brick

Now everything but anchored is default on a part.


As a new Developer it makes sense to have a part unanchored. You drop some parts in and then they fall over, what do you do? You investigate how Parts work and what an Anchored part’s behavior is.

We removed stud’s and inlets on Parts because SurfaceWelds are bad.

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I don’t think setting a part as being anchored as default is a great idea for many of the reasons already given. I’m one to argue that customisation is the key to keeping the majority of people happy and so that’s the route I’m more likely to side with.

A simple setting which allows the user to choose what the default properties of a part are would be great and would certainaly decrease the amount of time spent trying to set your place up when you start a new project.


One very simple / nice way that you could accomplish this would be adding a “New Instance Inserted” signal somewhere in the API so that people could use plugins to munge inserted instances however they see fit and variably based on the current setup of the place they have open.

(game.DescendantAdded is not sufficient for that, since that offers no way to tell whether the instance was actually inserted via the interface or whether it was created by another plugin, copied / pasted, etc which are cases where you wouldn’t want to apply changes)