Can you earn affiliate commissions if the game owner has Premium?

Hey, I have a game which lets me and others purchase avatar accessories while I receive some of the commission. I used this to buy both Roblox-owned and UGC items to get the 40% back. I did this before I bought Premium.

Up until recently, however, when I bought a Premium subscription and bought more items through my game, I noticed that nothing was in my “Pending Robux”. Are Premium members unable to receive affiliate commissions?

Any and all input is greatly appreciated, thanks!


Based on the announcement thread for this update, nothing appears to point toward Premium users being unable to receive affiliate commissions – I searched through the topic for a keyword of “premium” and no one mentioned it throughout the 77 posts.

I presume that something else could be affecting it, potentially a silent update that prevents the owner from earning commissions on any purchases they make in their own game? There’s a possibility that they’ve done this due to the publicity that this feature has gotten from “free discounts” on items when using this method.

This is actually a very excellent point, a simple YouTube search will return dozens of “how to get discounted valk” videos, showing users how to basically save Robux.

I did it before and got the commission (before getting Premium),

but if it was in fact disabled for game owners, why did it go unannounced?

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It might have drawn more attention to the flaw for those who were previously unaware of it, although I’m not entirely sure.

If this was a change that was made, there’s the potential that it could still be circumvented by prompting it from another user’s game or even a group game (if the update applies toward groups games) that can have the funds distributed amongst different members from there.

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