Can you make an invisible part cast a shadow?

I want to cast a shadow for a part that is invisible.

I’ve used the rope constraint as a simple visual for ropes on a bridge. RopeConstraints obviously don’t have collision or cast a shadow though, since they’re not a physical part. I created some simple parts that have a similar enough shape to the rope to creates a fairly believable collision, and then made them invisible. The problem is, parts don’t render shadows if their transparency is over 70%, so even though I have static ropes with mostly believable collision, they don’t cast shadows which looks a little wonky.

This is what it looks like when the parts for collision are invisible:

After I change the collision parts to 70% to enable shadows, the shadows from the parts look mostly reasonable too. But now I’ve got a semi-transparent blocks encasing my ropes.

Is it possible to make 100% transparent parts still cast a shadow? I haven’t found anything that shows it is.


Why don’t you just try using a rope mesh or Archimedes circle plugin or something similar to create the rope instead?


I’d instead recommend RopeMaster, its like the updated version of oozle draw, pretty nice presets as well (Of course, it is in development, ignore plz, plugin is below)


There’s a plugin called oozle draw (not sure how to spell the oozle part, something spelled like that.) that creates ropes point a to point b with x amount of parts for detail.
lol, what a coincidence. The first part of the url is https://duckduckgo @3rdhoan123


Lol, accidently pasted wrong link, did search instead of actual link, ignore shh XD
Actual Link ^

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Mostly just laziness. A rope constraint was a super simple and fast way to create a long, thin cylindrical rope-like object with a slight curve, and I didn’t care about having super accurate collisions or being able to interact with it like it was an actual rope. I’m assuming by “rope mesh” you mean creating a mesh in an external program like blender and importing into roblox as a meshpart?

Yes but it is relativley easy to create a rope with archimedes circle plugin :man_shrugging:.

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I actually ended up deciding I didn’t like the rope design on my bridge much anyway and went for something different lol

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This is a little late, but just so people know, I found a solution.
You can set the part material to force field and set the part transparency to -100000000000. This should work.

This doesn’t work. The part is visible when I set the transparency to a very low number.

Keep spamming negitive numbers. I figured out it needs to be WAY lower then the number I said.
Like this

Edit: If it still doesn’t work then I will give you an example file


It seems that it does not work with characters. But it still works with normal parts.

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I tested this out and it doesn’t work for characters for some reason. I don’t know the reason you would need this to work on characters. But you could position a part into the character and make that cast a shadow. Or make multiple parts that look like arms. Not the most accurate way to do this but it still works.

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Regardless of a better implementation, is there any way of doing this? Still no solution as far as I can see.

I wonder if we can trick the engine by using alpha textures.

I figured out how to make it work for characters. The accessories just need to be in workspace for the transparency glitch to work. I’ve written a local script that goes in StarterCharacterScripts. Here’s the code to try.

local entirePlayer = game.Workspace:WaitForChild(script.Parent.Name):GetDescendants() -- gets every child of your character --
for i, v in pairs(entirePlayer) do -- cycles through your character for the handle parts used in accessories --
	if v.Name == "Handle" then 
		v.Material = "ForceField"
		v.Transparency = (-10^100) -- the crazy big negative number to make it cast a shadow but still be invisible --
		v.Parent = workspace -- it parents to workspace because the glitch doesn't work within the player object --
script:Destroy() -- cya later --

Now we have first person head shadows.


Thank you so much for this!!! ive been waiting because i wanted to make my character head visible when in “realistic first person mode” so yeah.

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How about a mesh with only 1 face, the other face doesn’t appear. That way, it appears invisible when viewed from one face yet still shows a shadow due to the other face.


What about flipping the normal of another one that’s invisible? This would allow a more “customizable” double sided like effect wouldn’t it?

that works but its easier just to do the force-field trick

damn a negative googol, that is small

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