Can you swear in here?

So I’ve been looking at old posts where people say some bad words, the posts weren’t deleted and the users aren’t banned or anything. So is freely swearing allowed or is there certain times where it would be ok or what?? I would show some posts but I don’t want to get into trouble, but if need be I can just censor the words out

I’d suggest keeping it to a minimum, but you’re allowed to swear in the private sections of the forum.


Those are for the private sections.

Public Section - Rule 2

2. No profanity whatsoever.

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You can swear using some basic words but think of it as TV censorship. You can’t use anything like racial slurs or extreme cursing, anything targeted as well isn’t allowed. Just limit yourself and don’t abuse it, plus be respectful and if you are thinking “am I allowed to say this or do this” odds are, you shouldn’t.