Can You Test This On Xbox?

I have made a game thats PC, mobile and Xbox compatible.
The game has been tested on PC and Mobile, but since I don’t have Xbox, can’t test on it myself.

It would be appreciated, if someone could test this game on Xbox, to see if all the controls/UI are functioning properly and give feedback on the responsiveness. My main concern is how the resolution is and the player list.

On Roblox Studio, the physical size looks like this. (Note how the UI’s on the bottom left is mostly covered.)

And this is the Fit to window Resolution. (Player list appears in the middle of my face…)

It shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to test to confirm if this is how it looks like to Xbox users. First informative response will get a solution Check! :heavy_check_mark:

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The Physical Size is inaccurate on the Xbox device as different TVs have different physical sizes. However, the reason why it is not centered is because your screen is not large enough to display the size, so it added the horizontal and vertical scroll bars. Use Fit to Window.

You can also just buy an Xbox controller on Amazon for 30 bucks. That’s what I do.


Or if you are from Playstation you can use DS4Windows to connect an DualShock® 4 to your PC, emulating an XBOX 360 Controller