My Experiments with Sponsored and User Ads

So judging on previous posts, It seems to be better to spilt up your R$ into serveral sponser ads instead of one big sponser ad. Console seems to be the best impression and visit maker. However my game does not support console, I hope it would be worth it updating my game to support it.

I have a tight 3K Budget on my game and I’m looking to spend it wisely.
Would such a budget greatly increase my currently 100 sessions a day, or just give a small dent increase?

I have not ran any sponser ads but I am looking to do so very soon, this is a few stats of my game.

Apologize if my post seems off topic or complicated, I just really need some help on this.

I do think my game can be succesful, as I get 2 Concurrent players without sponsoring. My Icon has some great feedback (Watermark black swirls)
kittichuu old design (3)
Does my game, according from my stats seem as profitable game? Its pretty small as of now with only 3.5K Visits but I hope that getting the attention of more players will help it grow. Thanks @SnoutUpDev for posting your sponsering experiences.


yeah i thought of that too, same feelings. also do u know what is best device that gives u most played device or most device that buys gamepasses? thank you alot!


It really depends on what game you have. A complex high graphics game would probably get more computer users, and a simple roleplay game would get more mobile users. But for most games, Mobile Phone/Tablets get the most visits since most players play in a mobile device. My game does not support VR or Console so those are excluded.

For my game, Tablets is 1st (37 visits a day), Phone is 2nd (33 visits a day). and then Computer is 3rd. (31). However Computer users would play 50% longer than Mobile users for my game. As for gamepasses, Not sure which device gives more since Roblox do not provide that information. You would have to make a script inside your game that would read which device buys the most gamepasses. (Just saw a new topic today about that script)


First of all, thank you for sharing stats, it’s very interesting to see how different games are doing and there’s not much information on that.

Second, in my eyes you’re already doing great organically and I would kill (figuratively) to get that many visits from search, hah. Very good play time, but I wonder if there are any retention issues that prevents the daily active users from growing. Are you getting enough feedback from the players?

If it’s 3000$ then your options are plenty, if you’re talking about robux then it’s only good for test ads to see how well your game is received by different platforms and how well the icon/store page is working, then work on improving things and trying the ads again to see if things change.


On the topic of my personal experiments with ads… I rolled back to the cheap Fiverr icon and also removed the gameplay trailer. I don’t think my conversion rate was above 1% when I had the video as the thumbnail, so that’s 500 robux wasted and quite a hit to the confidence.

These results are good enough and I might keep the store page untouched for a while.

On the topic of consoles and conversion rate, I had a chance to try out my game on XBOX and see how the store page looks like. Whole roblox experience was very slow confusing and laggy, but that’s beyond the point.

Couple of takeaways here:

  • Gotta have a good (or at least proper) badge art
  • Could have a shorter descrption hook to make

Another important takeaway from my console test was that in order to gain access to some of the functions, new user MUST play a couple of the featured games first. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that would explain high impressions, cheap cost per play AND why sponsored ad on consoles lost me 10% of rating (people are forced to play games they are unlikely to enjoy).


I get a good amount of search visits because there isn’t much competition on games that have the same genre as mine (1st one to see if your search “Junkyard”) and that’s why I took advantage of that gap.

For Feedback, I hired several testers, and I have a group where feedback takes place. About all the feedback has been great. Not much criticism on my game, just some suggestions of features (Which i added now).

I have 3K R$… so yeah I guess I have only enough for test ads but not enough to run a real ad. I was think about doing 4 test ads with 250 R$, then use the other 2K R$ for the best ad.

As for my what prevents the daily active users from growing. I get most of my visits from people that are looking for a junkyard game (Search visits). However, that only limits me. If there not looking for a junkyard game then I wont get their attention, that is why I’m looking to sponsor and for influencers to help grow my game, But I lack a good budget since my Audience is limited as of now.

I am also looking to expand my game into Xbox to increase my visits, But I don’t have a Xbox to test. Thats why I made this Topic to see if it can run well. Can You Test This On Xbox? - Help and Feedback / Platform Usage Support - Developer Forum | Roblox


I gave your game a bit of my playtime, I can see a lot of room for improvement. At the beginning it’s a bit confusing and later there’s just isn’t that much to do. Most of the things I “built” felt like decorations, so I almost gave up before I got to the garage. If there was scrap somewhere around the base, I didn’t find it and getting at least taste of the boosters would be nice. Movement on foot is too slow to reach the first point of interest (post office, I spawned quite far away from it) and first car is a bit too slow to move around further and I wasn’t sure if there’s a reason to do so.

There’s much more, but I don’t want to drive the thread away from the main topic. No doubt that it could be made into a game that players come back to more often, so keep working on that retention!


Thanks alot for your honesty and taking your time to test! I really appreciated it. I have a few ideas to solve your case, And the game is still new and improving.

I’m also experimenting with a 2nd option than sponsering, influencers as a means to expand. however its difficult finding a way to contact them and then they actually respond. And most charge a fee to make video. But im still in progress to see if its more successful than sponsering.


My man, I don’t like sharing competative advantages, but you deserve it more than anyone… you have to try target consoles only with your sponsored ads, I’m currently getting visits at 0.5 robux and I have terrible ctr, just a crazy amount of impressions for cheap.

I don’t know how long this is going to last, but take advantage of this while you can, you got great monetesation judjing by your stats, you can get into profit and scale up your ads if all goes okay. It really looks like an amazing game, and you have pretty good monetization stats, with these cheap ads you probably can make to front page. If you don’t have a console, buy a cheap pc controller on the internet for testing, that’s what I did :))


Btw, I’m not a tycoon player so take with a grain of salt, but the very start is a bit confusing, I didn’t understand that the cash machine is not for making cash, its for withdrawing cash you make with blocks? it wasn’t obvious at all to me, but I did figure it out pretty quickly, could be smoother though, first impressions and all
edit: I just got a 5k paycheck after I was afk typing this lol, that’s too much, ruins progression for a bit I think
edit 2: I don’t know what the parking lot does? in a tycoon probably nothing should just for decoration, but I am nit picking, this game is better than 90% of tycoons out here, its really good
edit 3: I got 15k and I don’t see anything I can buy for it? hm that’s a bummer, yeah there’s literally nothing to upgrade or buy… oh well

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your statements doesn’t make any sense, if you want to make urself happy with “fake” visits, then go ahead
console users can’t chat, they barely buy game passes, and mostly your game will be harder to find on pc if u only sponsor on consoles, because roblox will more likely to show in on consoles, and will less show it through roblox search system

Fake visits? A visit is a visit… although I didn’t know about them not using chat and not buying passes?
But I can’t agree with the last part, why would roblox show your game less in search if you advertise to any given platform? I don’t think roblox looks at the volume of players from any platform when deciding what platfom to organically promote your game to. It looks at your engament stats and so on, not volume, so you should be able to advertise to whom ever without affecting the algorythm. Also, its not like the algorythm is working well for you now anyway

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If you have it, could you share some kind of statistic on console users not buying gamepasses as much? If you have some kind of solid info on this I’ll have to rethink my strategy maybe

Personally, I don’t mind console users not buying passes as long as they stay with the game enough to raise the engagement metrics. Eventually it should boost the game rankings in search* and attract users from other platforms organically. Getting 100 players and 1 sale is better than getting 10 players and 1 sale.

* Can’t find any info on how Roblox search algo works, so from my observations, I assume it’s related to player count over a certain period of time, other metrics might be involved too

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if you don’t believe me, make a simple script that with log and send to datastore which devices have bought the most time, last place goes to console users

when i was only sponsoring to console, the game didn’t go up in search, nothing literally has changed, only fake visits while sponsoring, after sponsor ads ends, u barely see 20 visits per day

You don’t need a script. Everyone can view a monetization breakdown by platform in the developer dashboard, but unless you have a relatively high traffic from all of the platforms it’s not going to be very accurate.

Yeah I was going to make a script to log every purchase anyway, I’ll check out the stats next time I sponsor

This is how many console visits I got from 2000 robux campaign. Sadly, this game might be a lost cause due to reliance on full servers and low retention, so I will shift my effort to a new project and see if I can earn something there.

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lol who told you such nonsense? my old game got 2k robux per day revenue and with almost >1% of retention (any) it blow up (before roblox back :shock: