Cancel Friend Requests or a Confirmation

I know this has been mentioned before, but I want to say it against because I have accidentally done it multiple times in the past few days. Can we PLEASE get some way to cancel sent friend requests or some sort of confirmation before sending one? It’s so easy to accidentally send one on mobile because this always happens:

Yes, I know you can, “just delete it after they accept,” but I don’t have a lot of free time. I don’t want this person snooping around in my under development games and freaking out that I sent them a friend request. As someone who uses friends only to restrict my development games, I’m sure this would happen.


I recorded a video of what happens. I actually unintentionally sent a friend request doing it. I wasn’t going too.

Now I sent a friend request to a random person. :frowning:

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There should be a pending tab under friends where we can cancel friend requests.

Also why can’t we unfriend people from the friends page?


[quote] There should be a pending tab under friends where we can cancel friend requests.

This wouldn’t be that bad either. Every once and a while I get a message saying my friend request was accepted from some random person. My only assumption is that I sent it 5 years ago and the person is just accepting it now. It would be nice to see who you sent a request to.


I just let my friend requests stack up lol


The Issue
As a Roblox developer, it is currently hard for me and for the other people in the community to remove a friend request. Sometimes, we decide to friend other people, but once we press the ‘Add Friend’ button there’s no turning back and probably the request would be sent to the user though sometimes the user won’t accept the friend request, and for us, we wanted it to be withdrawn because sometimes it was accidental and should not have been sent.

Feature Request
I request a feature where people could withdraw their friend request without the process of having to block and unblock them.

If Roblox addresses this issue, it would really help others because accidental friend requests would finally be withdrawn, and this would also remove the system of having to block a user and unblock them instantly just to withdraw the friend request.


I second this, there should be methods in StarterGui:SetCore and GetCore since there are methods that exist to send friend requests StarterGui:SetCore("PromptSendFriendRequest", Player): and unfriend requests StarterGui:SetCore("PromptUnfriend", Player), but non that can cancel a friend request.

I would recommend something like StarterGui:SetCore("PromptCancelFriendRequest", Player):. I also think it should be possible to somehow check if there are already outgoing FriendRequests, perhaps some method to check if a FriendRequest prompt has or has not been interacted with.

I think an ideal scenario would be if enough API methods were created so that a Lua recreation of the default PlayerList would be possible. I have been attempting this and ran into roadblocks when detecting if a friend request was pending or ignored.

Im having similar issues as well

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