Cannot buy giftcards on Cashstar - Transaction declined

I was trying to buy Giftcards ($60 worth, with 8 different digital codes) through Cashstar last week, but every time I tried to purchase the items the website would fail. The website would state something like Transaction declined - please check the details are correct and try again. If the issue persists, please contact our support team.

I tried to buy the gift cards 8 times over a few days. My bank would get charged and then less than a second later the purchase would immediately be reversed. When I contacted support I got stuck in an infinite customer support loop which led me to buy the cards on a completely different website in the end. Here is what happened:

  • I tried to buy the cards multiple times with slightly different contact info and it was declined every time.
  • I checked all my info and nothing was incorrect.
  • I contacted Cashstar customer support through their website and they advised me to check the information was correct, and then contact my bank to make sure that they have the correct information filed.
  • I thought this was strange as I’ve used my card before on other websites, but nevertheless, I contacted my bank, and they told me that the transaction was fine on their end but was being declined by the merchant (Cashstar).
  • I tried to buy it again but with no luck. I tried to buy with multiple cards (A business Debit card, a personal Credit Card, and my Personal Debit card), I even tried to use Microsoft Edge instead of my usual browser as I thought my browser’s built-in adblocker might be messing something up but it still didn’t help.
  • I reached back out to the gift card support team, but they seemed to be getting tired of me as they wrote back: "While our Gift Card Support team is unable to assist with your concern, Roblox Customer Service is available to assist with all inquiries of this nature." with a link to
  • So, I emailed Roblox support through that link, and they emailed me back: "For any other questions or concerns regarding your purchase or recent transaction through CashStar, please contact their Customer Support directly here." with a link back to the support team I was already talking to. :sweat_smile:
  • I finally emailed Cashstar support again, explaining that it really wasn’t an issue on my end and that I was getting a little frustrated. After all, I was trying to buy these cards as a prize for a competition and had people messaging me wondering where their prizes were. I got back a lengthy response, and I’m very appreciative that someone likely wrote this out personally - however, the email just told me the exact same things as before: 1. Contact my bank. 2. Use a different browser. 3. Use a valid card.

After all this I decided to buy the cards from a different website, I bought them off some random website called Dundle. Because of this, I couldn’t choose the correct amount (other websites only let you buy $10, $15, $20 cards whereas you can change the amount you’re purchasing on Cashstar). I ended up spending more money than I would have if I could use Cashstar. Also, my bank details worked fine on this other website.

I am buying from the UK.

Hopefully this can get sorted out soon as I use cashstar every month and it’s really difficult to buy the right cards without them! Thanks.


Tried buying from US. It’d act like my purchase went through (Including a confirmation email), but subsequently it failed and I got an email saying my order was cancelled. Tried using my mastercard card. Same thing as OP w/cashstar support.


I also experienced something similar. I attempted to purchase one $20 gift card from cashstar via debit card (visa). (I attempted to purchase for someone else, giving the website their email and a message to send with the card.)
Similar to @ArtemisTheDeer, my request went through and I was promptly emailed saying that my order was cancelled and they were, “Unable to Process Your Digital Gift Card Order”. I haven’t had time to reach out to cashstar support, but from what I’m hearing I don’t think it would make a difference.
Also buying from the US.


I can verify this experience too. Has happened since April 18th and not fixed yet (tried again yesterday). I called the number in the email which didn’t connect to anything. I tried chat help, was redirected to call processing. They couldn’t help and told me to email the technical team. No reply yet.

I ended up buying a physical gift card from the grocery store.


CashStar is actually pretty shady as there’s been multiple instances of them scamming users in and outside Roblox

The most problematic case happened in March (I think) where someone bought 200 USD of Roblox gift cards from cash star, but they didn’t receive any codes

I’m unsure why Roblox partnered with this company, as a google search of “is cashstar a scam” will bring its shady practices to light

Tried again today and I still cannot buy giftcards through Cashstar. I also got my parents to try with their details but doesn’t work for them either. Going to try to reach out to some friends to see if they can try buying them instead and see if that makes any difference.

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The same thing happens to me when I try to buy giftcard from Cashstar.

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Bumping this because I asked @Logicologist (from the US) to try and buy some cards and it didn’t work for them either.


Tried again today and it’s still broken unfortunately.

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I purchased a digital gift card less than a week ago from the cashstar site with no problems. Received both the card code and item code. Not really sure what your issue is. From US for context.

I tried purchasing a giftcard from cashstar, for some reason, it’s showing transaction declined, which was weird, since I purchased one few months back, and it worked.

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