Cannot connect to Team Create on public WiFi

Reproduction Steps

On a public wifi network such as a coffee shop or a mall, click Edit on a Roblox place that has team create enabled

Expected Behavior

I expect team create to open so that I can work on my game

Actual Behavior

Team create doesn’t connect on any public wifi that I have tried, such as a mall or a coffee shop. This has never worked for me before. Error attached

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Connectivity
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


Is ROBLOX banned from the Wi-Fi for some reason? The program needs to be able to connect to ROBLOX’s servers in order to do things like Team Create.

I think, the public WIFI maybe blocking Roblox ports or IP addresses for security reasons. Many public WIFI networks blocks uncommon ports, for example 6667 - IRC, and allow only common ports, for example 80 - HTTP.

Aside from the two potential issues already stated (Roblox’s servers being blocked, or certain ports not being allowed to open) there may also be things like a login portal for the wifi, or the fact that free wifi can be very slow and unreliable to the point of erroring out.

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Possibly your firewall not allowing connections to the Public WiFi?

What is your firewall configuration for the “Public” profile? To test your connection, try using the ping command on Roblox’s servers.

Does this happen on the public internet profile you have set or a WLan with no password?

This is still an issue, and has been an issue for quite a long time now. My university does not block any Roblox connections. I can play Roblox games and join non-team create sessions.


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Its likely an issue blocking the port(s). Blocking Roblox is different than blocking ports. Most places (universities especially) only open ports that are needed. Worst case, try using a VPN? That may be able to break through the firewall.

I have the same issue…


Because of that I am not able to open any of my existing places nor creating a place.

I’ve got the same issue here…

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Ayy in the same boat, with a wired connection. Woohoo

Wait so everyone is experiencing this issue as of right now??? Wow, Roblox really does need to fix their servers.


Fr. It might just be the servers for ROBLOX is shutting down for maintenance.

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Yeah was working fine for me last night for the 30 minutes that I was working, and just this morning I’ve been continuously booted out with no luck of getting connected back into my Team Create session. This is on a home connection that has previously worked for years.


Yeah, I actually managed to get into the game after retrying a few times so it must be… Also, this happened straight after I fixed the “Failed to create key for Studio” glitch, so I thought it was my PC lol


Same issue, but I can create new places. Roblox has Its moments when it won`t work properly.


It is happening again


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I need to finish my game but this issue, aahhggg.

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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