Cannot Login Due To Resource 403 Errors

Hey, I just bumped into this unusual bug today. I could not login as the necessary resources seems to have clogged up by 403 errors. Any clue about why this happened?

Screenshot 20:56 CET
Skärmavbild 2020-03-13 kl. 20.56.46

Testing procedure
The procedure tested is on two out of multiple accounts of mine. Both login credentials are correct and the website does not respond.

  • Google Chrome, login credentials input, no response from the website
  • Safari, same as aforementioned browser


  1. Apparently, this is only on my client. The device I’m on is a Macbook Air early 2015.
  2. I checked it again on my second device. Identical error, but this time it responded with failing to start the FunCaptcha. Possible conclusion that the problem is on my network.
  3. Checked again with other people. One such case occurred last week, but in the US.

My brother and I are experiencing the same thing. Can’t create new accounts either.

That probably confirms my suspicion that it is not me only. I believe it’s regional too, because I asked someone else to try login on an alternate account on their device on incognito mode. They didn’t experience it.

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I believe it is a regional thing too. I got this error a while back with a few others near where I lived (Canada) while a guy I knew who lived in the UK didn’t. It cleared up after a few hours.

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Update; I am able to log in again!

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I believe that was a temporary hiccup from Roblox. Yikes!

Well, the inconvenient time is over. Back to work.

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Other issues are appearing now though, :GetRankInGroup() is failing in one of my games for me atm.

This problem has come back recently and mostly due to fun captcha that is having some errors.

You can see it from yourself by going here

Fun captcha is the API that roblox is using.

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