Cannot move a Frame in studio

So, last night I spent a hour and a half trying to move a Frame in a GUI, I was going to resize it but I couldn’t do that either! Please someone tell me how to move frame and GUI without changing the position, also how to scale it


Could you elaborate more on what you are trying to do? It does not seem clear what you mean by moving a frame without changing the position.

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Hello @Vur3e,

As @VitalWinter put above what you are asking does not make sense. The frame is part of a UI/GUI so how are you trying to move the frame in the GUI/UI??

can you show the explorer please

sometimes it also happens to me. Try closing and opening studio again.

Hey everyone this guy know what I mean . Sorry English not good I’m trying to make sense


I cannot move the frame, I want to be able to click and hold down on the frame in studio and move it, no not like a draggable GUI in game, like I press +frame to put it in my GUI and I want to drag it where I want it on the GUI and it dosent work

Try finding it in studio settings

Alright, so, frames cannot have an image made from a third party software, they’re made inside of Roblox Studio. But you can insert an Image label and then download the specific image you made, after that you can scroll down in properties and find something named “Image” image and there you can press the text and you’ll be able to insert your image inside of the game.

I’m trying so hard to explain! I need to drag the frame to where I want instead of struggling to change each little number in he coordinates property!

So, you inserted it already and you want to move it to a specific place? Mind sending me a screenshot of your screen?

Yes I can do that in a while, I am not on my conptt it ear right noe

I’ll wait for a screenshot as I do not know what you want me to do.

I’ve had this issue before. There’s usually two ways to fix it:

  • Studio is being dumb. Select the Frame manually (not in the viewport; do it in the explorer), and then try dragging it while in the viewport.
  • It’s Parented to a non-UI object, like a Folder or Model. For some reason the UI Editor doesn’t like this, so you have to move it out of the folder.

Yes my frame was inside a frame