Cannot open saved place: "Serializer::checkHeaderForXML can't read header"

Reproduction Steps

Download a previous version of a published place.
You may receive an error when opening.

Expected Behavior

The place will open as expected.

Actual Behavior

There will be an error message.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Crashing
Impact: High
Frequency: Sometimes


It looks like the error means that it was possible to open the file but reading the first eight bytes failed. Does the place file look like it has data? You should be able to open it in notepad (or a hex editor) and confirm it is longer than eight bytes.

Looks like all the file is is this

I downloaded it off the Place Versions tab.

I can’t reproduce this, have you tried it on a separate device or another browser?

I was using Firefox for the original test, but downloading it again on Edge gives the same result.

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Hi! Sorry for the bump, but I also have this issue and I have ZERO idea on how to fix it. For reference I am downloading previous studio files on Chrome, so I doubt it’s an issue with the browser itself.
Any further information on this subject?