Cannot remove Accessories from Collections tab on Profile

I have noticed that I am unable to remove these two accessories from my Collections tab on my profile, which are the Chestnut Style and Oakley’s Hair items. It only lets me add it to my profile again, which will result in a duplicate of the item on the Collections tab. I am unsure how long this has been happening for as I just only recently noticed it an hour ago. (8/7/2020, 2:00 AM PST)

Here is my profile where the bug happens

Here is a video which demonstrates the bug:


Bug repro is possibly when the accessory updated after it was added to collection and then removed immediately from collection. Not entirely sure, but it’s worth a theory.

Screenshots provided from my profile and target accessory


I am also experiencing this bug for like over 3-4 months, never thought much about it, but I can confirm something is wrong…


I am not sure that the bug happens when you add and then quickly remove it from the collection like Operatik said… Pal Hair has been in my Collection for over 4 years from when I first joined till now (Automatically added), and I can’t get rid of it from my collection. Same as for the Bear Hat…
I think something else happens, but Operatik’s theory also might be it…



Okay so, I was messing around with the items that were in my collection, and I think I found out how to un-bug them. (Or at least I un-bugged the Bear Hat from my collection, I have the Pal Hair still stuck onto my collection)

Step 1: Add the Newest Accessory in your inventory to your collection.
Step 2: Add and quickly remove the wanted Accessory that is stuck on your profile.
Step 3: Go back to the newest accessory in your inventory and remove it from your collection.
Step 4: No step 4, you just un-bugged the accessory, congratulations!

This at least seems to work for me, not sure if it will work for you, but sometimes I also noticed it might break and glitch your newest accessory too, just repeat the steps.


This has happened to me too, I have two limited items stuck in my collections and it’s been this way for over a year even though I want to remove them aaaaa

Could you demonstrate your solution

Okay, so I have some bad news to you, this only helped to get one accessory off my profile, (as seen in the previous post, it was the Bear item). So I don’t know if you would be 100% guaranteed to remove them.

Here it is visualised.

I will still try to show you as best as I can how to at least try to do this trick.

Step 1: (As I have noticed, it isn’t actually needed to do it with the newest item, it could be any item, as long as you can add it to your profile.)
Just basically add any item to the collection.

Step 2: Quickly add and remove the unwanted item to your collection

Step 3: And at the end just remove the first item. (so that the collection tab updates I guess?)

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Thanks for the report! We’ve filed this internally and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.


It’s been two months, your “report” hasn’t done a single thing and we’re still having this issue.


This bug is still being worked on. When there is an update i will pass on the info here.

Hi there, it is now March and we haven’t seen a change as I checked today, still an issue.

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I can confirm that on the site it happens without desktop site

Heyy, It’s now May and this bug is still on the site and can be reproduced. Any updates?