Cannot remove Accessories from Collections tab on Profile

I have noticed that I am unable to remove these two accessories from my Collections tab on my profile, which are the Chestnut Style and Oakley’s Hair items. It only lets me add it to my profile again, which will result in a duplicate of the item on the Collections tab. I am unsure how long this has been happening for as I just only recently noticed it an hour ago. (8/7/2020, 2:00 AM PST)

Here is my profile where the bug happens

Here is a video which demonstrates the bug:


Bug repro is possibly when the accessory updated after it was added to collection and then removed immediately from collection. Not entirely sure, but it’s worth a theory.

Screenshots provided from my profile and target accessory


This has happened to me too, I have two limited items stuck in my collections and it’s been this way for over a year even though I want to remove them aaaaa

Could you demonstrate your solution

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Thanks for the report! We’ve filed this internally and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.


It’s been two months, your “report” hasn’t done a single thing and we’re still having this issue.


This bug is still being worked on. When there is an update i will pass on the info here.

Hi there, it is now March and we haven’t seen a change as I checked today, still an issue.


I can confirm that on the site it happens without desktop site

Heyy, It’s now May and this bug is still on the site and can be reproduced. Any updates?


Now August, and I have both a game stuck in my favorites as well as an item stuck under Collections.
I emailed roblox support about this like 6 months ago and they ended up not responding

still recieving this bug;

heres an error that i found when i try to use the api to remove it;

otherwise; it does not even show the 3 dots on the item

but it is on my profile screen;

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Hi. It’s almost December. I’ve had this bug since 2019, and would like to remove these items. Any updates?

I didn’t think anything has changed in this topic. I tried it last time but I still can’t remove my old models from my profile.
I contacted Roblox to remove those items from roblox permanently but nothing happened… :confused:

(I want to remove all the models)

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It’s been nearly a year. Can you provide an update?


truly disappointing how it has not been fixed over the years :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Does anyone have a fix or any sort of update on this? I first experienced this a few years ago and I’m surprised I still can’t remove the one item stuck in my collections…


I have had this item stuck in my collections for years (I think pretty much since the whole idea of collections were introduced). I’ve tried adding and removing it several times for a while now, I’ll get an error saying “item already added to profile” but when I then press remove it still won’t budge

I contacted support about 2 months ago about this bug and all they said was their engineers would look into it and nothing has happened since

Only “fix” is adding other items to fill the 6 slots to hide it, but I would still like to have it removed

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I’m not sure why this still hasn’t been fixed. Would be nice to remove certain things from my profile


I haven’t owned these since 2016 and I think my profile would look better without them there, can’t remove them though. Hopefully they’ll fix the collections one day…

I don’t think we are ever going to see this bug fixed, I know it probably isn’t high on their priority list, but it has existed long enough that it shouldn’t still be an issue… I’ve had this bug for at least 4-5 years