Cannot remove models uploaded by Roblox from inventory

When i first joined Roblox i bought alot of free models, making my inventory look like a mess. A few years after i did that, i decided to remove most of these models from my inventory, so i didn’t have to worry about them. Little did i know that i couldn’t remove one of the models by Roblox from my inventory. I discovered this glitch late 2019 , and have tested the glitch with multiple people to see if it wasn’t only me that had the bug , and to my surprise, no one else could remove the model from there inventory , making me believe this can be replicated %100 of the time.

This is what the model is, unlike most models, the 3 dots in the corner don’t appear and even with browser plugins you can’t remove the model, so by just buying the model you will be stuck with it.

Versing another free model, which has the 3 dots, and can be deleted from the inventory.


I’m also having this issue.

I can’t delete models owned by Roblox


Well this topic hasn’t had activity on it for 8 months, how about I change that?
Been having the same problem, stuck with Doge and MiniBlobby in my inventory from 2018 lol
How do I get rid of these, its slightly annoying to have.

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I am having this glitch too with items made by Roblox.

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It still has not been fixed yet. Roblox items cannot be deleted and things created by yourself cannot be deleted either.


You shouldn’t be able to do this, in the first place, as such a feature would result in hundreds of thousands of hours of work being put at serious risk should someone get hacked.

I understand the reason behind not being able to delete your own models. The reason behind not being able to delete Roblox models is unclear, and a little strange. These models are easily findable, and shouldn’t break anything if you could remove them from your inventory.

I can’t even remove unwanted Audio from my inventory

I also have this problem, I can’t remove anything that is owned by roblox period.

Has any attempt to notify ROBLOX ever been made? Cause I’m having the issue where I can’t remove audio and models from other people out of my inventory it seems like I can’t remove anything at all.

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It’s only recently that nobody has been able to delete anything (models/audios/whatever) regardless of who created it, before recently you could still remove things by creators that weren’t Roblox. You can still remove content deleted audios from your inventory thankfully, but not ones that are still up.


I can confirm! it is not possible it is a bug from some time ago and still no fix

This wasn’t implemented as a bug, but rather as a solution to people who were hacking into users accounts and deleting accessories and limiteds from people’s inventory. That’s why items made by Roblox are not removable from your inventory, I guess they were just lazy and implemented it that way

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My friend can’t remove a audio that was deleted and we’re not able to remove any audio and models

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I have the same problem. It started to happen to me 3 weeks ago.

I’m also having the same problem, can’t get rid of audio I’m never going to use.

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I have the same problem as well. Why are we able to add/remove from inventory to our items in “collectibles” when we can’t even do the same in audios, clothing, models, and etc? The add/remove from inventory has no use at all.