Cannot shutdown second server

So, I was looking to see how many servers were active on my game and I found that there’s a server with one 1 player on it.

I was looking to shut the server down but I cannot seem to find the buttons to shut the second server down.

I’ve disabled my plugins and had someone else attempt to shut down the server. They cannot find the button to shut the second server down either.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?


Yup. Notoriety doesn’t give the option either.

I’m seeing the same thing.

Even more: you cannot configure any VIP servers after the first one displayed.

sure hope it’s not gonna be stuck like this for months :l

Maybe one day the web team will read the dev forums


The single visible shutdown menu thing apparently shuts down another server if there’s more than one visible…

Wow pls, Alex, so rude!

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Unfortunately that has become a common sentiment since there are almost never any replies from the web team on the web bugs/feature threads anymore… :frowning:
We’re just looking for some acknowledgement, that’s all - if you guys communicate with us about these threads, then we know you are listening and are aware of these bugs. :slight_smile: Right now it’s just extremely hard to tell whether these threads are being read by web team members, and whether these bugs are being documented for a fix.


Sometimes there are bugs/features in the web categories that take ages to get any confirmation from the web team that they are aware of the issue. Some threads which seem to get relatively a lot of support (such as a disable button for the chat/party interface), don’t really get any staff reply whatsoever.

I know that we are only way less than a percentage of the people who use the website, so I can understand that our suggestions may not have as much weight as they do in client/studio/mobile categories. It would still be nice to know that someone is getting our input though, or explain why our concerns/features are not as relevant in case you are not interested in some idea.


Kk, we’re listening! :slight_smile: My team works on social features like chat, VIPS, and notifications, so I try to skim the forums for social-related issues. Feel free to PM me directly if you feel like your concern isn’t getting addressed.

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Re: the chat/party disable request, I can confirm that we have decided not to implement a complete off switch. I am looking into what we can do in terms of turning off the audio notification or the flashing on multiple tabs. :slight_smile:


And force popup :happy2: ?

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Thanks for the insight, at least we know now we can stop bumping the thread every X weeks.

Yeah. We have a lot of stuff in our backlog to do regarding chat/parties, and so far this isn’t a super high priority feature, so it might be a while before you notice any changes.


I was about to make a post about this problem as I have experienced it today. It’s particularly annoying when coupled with the problem with ROBLOX randomly opening new servers when one isn’t full.

We have a fix and it should be going out soon. I’m gonna close this thread. If you have any further questions, please PM me.