Cannot uninstall roblox player

When I attempt to uninstall the roblox player, nothing happens and a crash log is recorded:

2024-03-18T19:02:05.005Z,0.005628,2ca4,6,Info [FLog::DesktopInstaller] The installer reporter is initialized
2024-03-18T19:02:05.005Z,0.005672,2ca4,6,Info [FLog::DesktopInstaller] The command line: "C:\Users\aidan play\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions\version-aa463de288b941f3\RobloxPlayerInstaller.exe" -uninstall
2024-03-18T19:02:05.005Z,0.005709,2ca4,6,Info [FLog::DesktopInstaller] Reporting Installer Start
2024-03-18T19:02:05.223Z,0.223584,2ca4,6,Info [FLog::DesktopInstaller] Ready to relaunch: C:\Users\aidan play\AppData\Local\Temp\Roblox\RobloxPlayerInstaller_7554A\RobloxPlayerInstaller.exe -uninstall -relaunch
2024-03-18T19:02:05.225Z,0.225975,2ca4,6,Critical [FLog::DesktopInstaller] failed to start client App: C:\Users\aidan play\AppData\Local\Temp\Roblox\RobloxPlayerInstaller_7554A\RobloxPlayerInstaller.exe -uninstall -relaunch, erorr code: 193, wait result: 0
2024-03-18T19:02:05.226Z,0.226020,2ca4,6,Info [FLog::DesktopInstaller] Reporting Installer Success

Expected behavior

I expect the program to uninstall

Thanks for the report! We’ll investigate and follow up with updates.

Hey @crossStarCross, thanks for reporting. I just saw this one, but it looks like it’s the same issue as the other one you reported: Cannot launch games from the roblox website.
Were you able to get around this issue? The fix should be available within a week or two.

The workaround worked for both, thanks again!

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