Can't chat in games (Error filtering message)

When I try to chat in games, an error is produced. This is experienced both in Classic and Bubble chat.


The error above comes from the following code:

	local fs = game.TextService:FilterStringAsync(pl.Name,pl.UserId)
	print(fs:GetNonChatStringForBroadcastAsync()) -- errors

As shown above, it errors when I join the game, and produces a warning when I try to send a message.

For other users, the code succeeds and prints out their name simply. Their chat is also visible.

The chat works perfectly when I use an alternative account, it only errors on this account. I have checked my blocked users and I am not on the list.

Additionally, I am unable to edit the descriptions or titles of games.

This has been happening since a few hours ago.

Spontaneously this error has stopped occurring. Hopefully this topic might be of some use in making sure it doesn’t happen again, however.

What I said is somewhat helpful, because it could be down for fixes/maintenance.

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Roblox wouldn’t purposely shut down chat across the platform in the weekend during broad daylight in US for fixes/maintenance.


It just means the service is down since it is 3rd party


Ok, but why only me? Noone else was having this problem. I could see the chats of other players and I could even log onto an alt and chat fine.

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I got this a while ago when I was filtering lots of strings at a time, like one per 0.2 of a second. I think if you make too many requests it just blocks the game or an individual player from using it.

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