Unfiltered chat messages visible in output

“Chat lag” is nothing new, we’ve been seeing the “{System} The chat filter is currently experiencing issues and messages may take longer to appear.” for a while now on occasion when the site has high traffic.

I’m not sure if anyone has been made aware of this however and with the frequency that “chat lag” occurs, it could be possible to use this maliciously.

When there is an error filtering a chat message, the message (unfiltered) is shown in the server output:

Granted only the game’s creator can see the server output however it could be used by the creator of a place to collect personal data from players.

I suggest not showing the unfiltered chat in the output and just list the time and speaker or even message length.

Btw, currently experiencing a very bad bout of this “chat lag” as well.


Developers who intend to collect personal information via unfiltered chat can do so far more easily than by simply reading server output. This is by no means the problem you are suggesting.

However, I question whether or not printing this information is necessary. It’s just debugging information that is largely not useful to developers.


Good point. Just wanted to point out the vulnerability.

I am experiencing this issue as well across multiple games:

The lack of performance in terms of the filter hinders the player experience at my game tremendously. This has been an issue for about a week now in almost every game under the group.

I’m sure this is an issue with Community Sift or something but this has been happening repeatedly and I would expect something to happen by now.