Can't decline banned users friend requests

Two users sent me a friend request that are banned. In the notifications, it shows them both in 1 message, with a View All button. However, since they are banned, they don’t show up in my friend requests, making the friend request count go up with no way to decline them. The notification is now gone, but it still shows the extra friend request count. I seem to have blank spots in my friend requests too, those may be where they would be if they weren’t banned.

Can’t unfriend them either

Are you sure you aren’t able to unfriend banned users? This is what I see for my friends who are banned:

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At the time I could see that, but clicking Unfriend wouldn’t do anything. As of now the bubble has disappeared for some reason (you can see the little triangle where the stem of the bubble is but not the button itself)


Oof, that does sound like a bug. Could you include what browser / version you’re using, and any console output for when you click on the three dots?

Never mind, I had the R+ plugin running on Chrome and decided to deactivate it to see if that would fix anything, turns out it has! False alarm.

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