Inconsistent Follower Page Sizes

If you go on someone’s followers page, there is a possibility that the amount of followers per page is inconsistently. My guess is it has to do with terminated accounts. Here is a few images of what some of my pages look like:


Page 23 (18 people):

Page 24 (17 people):

Page 25 (12 people):

Page 26 (16 people):

Page 27 (12 people):

Page 28 (2 people):


This also happens with friend requests. The 500 requests I got from bots disappeared.

Edit: This thread mentions the same issue.

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Same happens when searching the catalog

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Yeah, if you’ve had followers that are terminated, that will happen. It would be nice if there was a “Purge” button or something.

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It’s exactly what you hypothesized it is (it also happens in group player lists and stuff). Terminated accounts aren’t shown but just have a blank hole where they should be. As far as I’ve heard this is the intended behavior but it would be better if those users were not involved with the lists at all.


This issue happens to me a lot. I get it mainly in the following areas of the site:

  • Friend list/requests
  • Group member pages
  • Catalog

I posted about this with friend requests:

Surprised it’s in other places besides friend requests. I find this bug minor but very frustrating. Banned users should just be removed from the count entirely for friends, followers, and following, since there’s no benefit to having the blank spots anyway.

Mine shows -1:

This is still a pretty annoying issue, at least 10 pages of my followers are terminated bots. I say either show the terminated accounts or have them removed from your followers entirely.

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