Cant Find Star Creator Icon


I have been trying to find a quality png image of the Star Creator icon for my game which I will be using for my partner’s name tags. I have seen 2 other posts regarding the topic but neither of them helped or had a solution. I already tried looking in the Roblox files but only found the announcer and the yellow star icon. I also searched on google, and no answers what so ever.

I am looking for this one —> image

If anyone knows a solution or has the image, please let me know! Thanks!


Here you go, found it after 30 seconds of checking Google.


I can’t find the exact one but it is somewhere in the source files, you can search and grab any icon Roblox has in-game you are looking for. For example, StarIcon@3x here’s the old one.

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To get to the files, just open the file location of the player till you get here.

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Yup! I found that one too. Its a custom made one and its not exactly the same as the original one. Thank you though.

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Yeah I did that, I just did not find the new one.

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It probably isn’t added till you join a game with someone who has it, is what I assume is why we cannot find it.

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Lol hi. I’m the creator of that fake version of the icon.

Yeah, I did have to combine multiple stock shapes since I couldn’t find it myself. There are definitely some things off in the fake version that isn’t that noticeable until you really say them, but that’s the closest you’ll probably ever be able to get.

(I could also remake and make it 10x more accurate if you really think it’s completely off).

I have heard of someone finding the original picture from a sprite sheet using image atlas, however, they didn’t provide proof or an image so that others wouldn’t have to dig.

You could try doing that, but that’s a lot of work…

Hey AwesomeDev. Couldn’t find any image on the web, but maybe you or your partner can try this? -

Open a photo editing app → Cover the pixelated icon in white (go over it with pen tool) → Remove the background by selecting it with the magic wand, inverting it and erasing the background with the eraser tool.

Tell me if you need any help if you’re gonna do it like this. :tongue:

Yeah I tried that but no answer

If you could, that would be wonderful! Also, I dont think its completely off im just saying its not 100% accurate.

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Yup. I tried that, but no answer.

Yeah I thought it would be confusing. What I meant for parter is YouTube partners. sorry for the confusion.

I thought of that, but its a bit hard and I’m not good at photo editing.

Alright so I tried remaking it, putting the shapes over the lowquality image to try and get proportions as accurate as possible (should have done that before.)

Here’s a video comparing the two:

Let me know if this is better:

Hope it helps!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! This for sure helped!


Is this a png? It seems there is something inside the star.

Never mind. Its good. Also, do I have permission to use this in my upcoming game?

I don’t think you’ll be able to get a star good high quality creator png without doing it your self or doing the things everyone else has said.

Your best bet is to just edit it or use @TheSuzerain’s png. Honestly, it wouldn’t really make a difference unless someone was REALLY looking for it. Good luck if you’re still intent of finding a real one, but you’ll probably have to do the work for it.



Of course! No credit is needed at all. It took like two seconds to make.

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Thanks again! This helped me out so much.

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It’s in Roblox Studio > Resources > ExtraContent > LuaPackages > Packages > Index > UIBlox > UIBlox > App > ImageSet > ImageAtlas
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Here’s the image, I know it’s a bit low res so I provided the originals.


Just a note: The location seems to change around, don’t really remember.