Can't hear audio in Studio

The title says it all. It’s pretty simple. I’m working with a blank baseplate file. I opened the toolbox and filtered by audio. Then I clicked play on one of the first “recommend” audios to pop up. The animation shows that the file is playing, but I hear nothing. Even when I bring the file into Workspace, I can’t hear it. This has happened with all the audio files that I have searched up. I’ve restarted Studio multiple times.

Has anyone else had this problem? Please help!


I have had this problem before, just yesterday. I actually closed studio for a little while and shut down my computer and that seemed to fix it. If it doesn’t, you can always go to to play the audio from there :slight_smile:


Quenty has pointed out a bug in Studio that causes this problem. Addressing this bug fixed my issue.


I have this audio issue after I lost connection in team create. I tried to check volume mixer on my PC, but everything was fine. I think Roblox seems to has its own problem.

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I just found a solution, I don’t know if it works for you. Try to check the volume setting in play test if the volume is off. Turn it back down and you’re good to go. I hope this will be useful.


I have a similar problem. I can hear the audio, but when i play it in the toolbox, it sounds very distorted.

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