Cant import meshes

I’m working on a game, and I needed to import a mesh like I did many times before.
But now it just doesn’t work anymore, it gives an error with a link, I’ve followed all of the steps there and it keeps failing,


So when you press “ok” does the mesh spawn? If not then could you provide the steps you did to import the mesh to studio

Can you import another mesh just as a trial? That can rule out if it’s a Studio issue, or a mesh file issue.

Because with the current info, it’s hard to narrow down the cause :stuck_out_tongue:

Since this is a mesh importing issue, the name of the file may be inappropriate to roblox. I had an importing issue similar to yours and I think that may be the issue. You should have your output open to see any errors. Here is my post.

I also spelled “leaf” wrong because at that time I had a major brainfart.

I hope this helps!

Happy Holidays! :partying_face:

Nope, it doesn’t import.
I just insert a meshpart into a model/workspace, then I go to the mesh ID, select it from my desktop and then the error pops up.

Well, the error only occurs when I select anything from my desktop in studio

That could be it, but i don’t know why the meshes still appear in the my meshes tab, I can’t insert them though. It returns the same error.