Studio won't load in mesh?

Hey! My name is Coney and I have been having some trouble trying to import a mesh into studio. I use blender and I exported the mesh-part using obj. I select the file to import the mesh into studio and nothing happens.


I then clicked OPEN.


I clicked NO.

Then nothing happens and this is what I get.

I really do not know why this is happening and it would help if someone told me what I am doing wrong. (If I am doing it all wrong.) I just started to model so I am a little confused of how to do some things. If you noticed the “Tree” file in the picture, it was my first creation and it exported smoothly. So I do not know why it’s not working anymore.

Thanks for the help! :boom:

Sometimes the mesh wont load due to the name being filtered/inappropriate. You can also check the output (View -> Output) to see if any errors are occurring when you upload it.


Thank you so much. I did the (View - Output) and It said it was an inappropriate name. I guess “Tulip Leafe Left” is inappropriate lol. Also thanks for that tip. I will be using the output more often.

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