Can't open places in studio

The studio appears to crash everytime I try to open it.
It gets as far as saying FastLog is ready in the output and then shuts.
I’ve uninstalled Studio and re-installed it, but its still had the same results. The client is fine, but studio fails to work properly.

Enjoy RibbonBar. :smiley:

Nothin’ to do with the Ribbon Bar as far as I can see,
Simply this;

SystemMenu is broken. I doubt they will fix it.

Oh my god it is ribbon ui I want to throw up

Well, I had this ready. But yeah…

Also, went to try customize ribbon bar a little. Turns out it’s buggy. who knew?

Steps to report a bug:

Every bug should be in a sub-category:

Bugs and Exploit Reports > Studio Bugs in this case.

I’m not seeing any of these issues myself

It may be helpful to mention your OS, Studio version, etc.

PS: if all of these bugs occur only while you’re using System Menu, then I don’t know if it helps to report these bugs, since it is deprecated.

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Steps to reproduce:

Steps to fix:

  1. Disconnect from the internet
  2. Open studio (version b7fb6825a2e14749)
  3. Reconnect to the internet
  4. Click new


Yeah it was just a case of retiring my Roblox-Life long friend to a farm.

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