Can't publish multiple packages at same time

Reproduction Steps
Follow the same steps as reported here:

Expected Behavior
Once all packages are selected, when right-clicking them to publish them, the option to publish packages should be available.

Actual Behavior

I have to select packages one by one and publish them one by one:


Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly

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Thanks for the report! Filed an internal ticket for it.


Is this the same reason you cannot select “Update All” (near the bottom) while having multiple packages selected, or is that intended behavior?

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Was this actually a bug or intentional behavior? This has been slowing down my workflow for the past year, and I thought there was a specific reason why we weren’t allowed to publish multiple packages at once.

I was just about to write or bump a feature request thread for this; being able to mass-publish packages would improve my development workflow significantly!


I’m changing this to #feature-requests:studio-features

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